Pirates Bay A15

Welp a start.

Decided to try something new here. I built the whole Tavern from slab, adding doors, items and window to build by placing them. Built in one solid build.

2 fireplaces, a Bar and lots of eating area. upstairs hold 5 rooms for sleeping

Inside look, Need to dress top a bit, but got plans.

Yes ill be working on boats in a bit. I have a first design done, just need to color it and add details.

One problem with building total slab build, It’s really hard to look inside


The moment I read you were building the whole tavern in one go I wanted to warn you, but it was too late. Free slab building does not allow to lower the walls with the house button…
What you need to do is build each floor as a different building. That way you can use the slize button at different heights to see the interior of the floors. Roof as separate building too…

Lovely looking tavern, by the way. I’m already smelling the rum there. Looking forward to see the rest.
And, You are a fast builder, my gosh!
I’ll check back later :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.


So just a tip on Building docks, make sure they build post first. as if u try and build who thing, it will bug out.


Finished the docks for this part, and added road

Planned ship detail slowly going in


seeing pirates bay coming to life again is so wonderful! keep up the awesome work mate!


ok, so the title threw me off a little… :smile:

but i’m glad to see another stellar build underway from @micheal_handy76_mh:+1:


Fully designed the Ship, took a few hours. It does have a Captians Quarters, The Planning/Meeting room. A Crew quarters, Cargo Hold, and A kitchen.

I will attempt to build this tomorrow.

Captains Quarters down below

Planning Room/Meeting Room

Crew Quarters

Cargo Hold


Design of the ship full outside

Gonna design Sails after they finish the ship


That looks great! Keep it going! :smile:

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amazing amazing amazing, i’m so jealus right now witshing i could build like that

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Be patient, since fixes they are able to build ship. Kinda weird seeing it in action being built. Since in sections. but happening. Just trying to wait till a few more bugs get fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what it looks like being built

Now on to opinions. Should i enlarge the ship. that cargohold looks tight. But i cant take it deeper due to fact water will be in it.


Okay it’s Official, they Built the ship. Did the body First, then sails Second, Placed all items in ship. It’s done. Now on too The first set of housing.

The construction


Fully done

Inside the Ship

Meeting Room/ Captains Deck

Captains Quarters

Crew Quarters

Cargo Hold

Kitchen, (gonna place another cook station here)

Gonna try and build 3-4 more style of ships. But hey 1st one done, took forever :stuck_out_tongue:


Now on too Housing, Designed a 4plex House, upstairs downstairs. Hold 3 Hearthling in each house, a total of 12 can live in all four.

I have Hopes :), as the ship got built: this shouldn’t be difficult.


I can’t wait until they make it so hearthlings can’t build under water. Then you’ll have to build a dam and pump out the water before you can build. :wink:


@jonzoid: That sounds terrifying. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t wait 'till we actually get to build giant pumps to pump waterr!!

  • daydreams about amazing waterpark for Hearthlings *

Housing done, can have up to total, setting up plan for other areas. Gonna focus shops first then probably more housing and farms


While building, got a nice screen shot of my footman in combat


Welp did a few builds not much, did take over the crypt lol and added to my made graveyard


Few things done, some spreaded out screenshots

My central warehouse, this thing can hold up a lot of food and materials to build. Plus it also holds 3 beds to sleep in.

The Market Street, all shops her from carp to potter

The graveyard. A lot of hearth have given there lives to bring pirates bay up

planned Manor

Overall shot


this version of pirates bay is turning out really good! i can’t wait to see it when its completed.

also, i love the way you “captured” the crypt, it adds a lot to the graveyard area.

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