The (short) story of fort Cassis

Hello i want to tell you a stroy.

it is a short story with pictures! just a short note i have dyslexia so my spelling will not be perfect but i still love to share this self made story with you. i did this just for fun so dont exspect something professional. (if you like the story please reply or like so i know its appriciated, thx :slight_smile: )
Fort Cassis was a castle on the mountain, it was one of the biggest and strongest militairy outpost’s in the region. It was night time when a strange fog covert the land. No body seemed to mind becouse it happend all the time.

but a few moments later the trees started cracking and breaking on the mountain hill. it wasnt just random trees but a line. The line was on its way to the castle. the guards send out a footman to find out what it was but he never came back…

as the line of breaking trees came closer to the castle the gaurds started to worry. the line reached the open field in front of the castle. You could see the glowing yellow eyes staring right into your soul

then he came forward, a HUGE orge. He was taller then a grown pine tree, he had a sword in his hand so big that it could slice a tower in half. It was the legendairy orge Ogrok, the great grand father of the orge mountain (the orge of ogo skullbonker)

the gaurds blew the horn and all knight’s, footman, and artchers went to there post.
they fired all the arrows they could at him but it didnt work.

the orge grabbed his sword and smacked the wall creating a big hole in the wall. behind him came from the forest an army of spooky scary skeletons.

The orge smacked the wall once again. one knight jumped off the wall and ran to the orge, a few footman followed him

The giant orge looked at the knight and his footman ran into the castle to meet them. The knight grabbed his sword and stabbed the orge in his leg. but he only got angryer… with one stamp he crushed the knight under his foot and swinged his sword at the footman.

the archers could not keep the dead army away any longer. they entrerd the castle. the footman were forsed to fall back. they regrouped at the fire place and stood there ground.

while the archers destracted the orge you could hear large footsteps. another giant orge appeard and started attacking.

the other knight abondoned the defence line and ran up the tower. The second orge sliced the top of the tower off with his sword but the knight jumped off the tower in time and landed on the orge.

The knight stabbed the orge in the neck. all the footman came to the aid of the knight and started attacking the orge. The orge went wild and started swinging his sword and killed 4 footman.

the Orge fell dead on the ground. but Ogrok and his army were still there. the remaining soilders went into a schield wall. the only way for them to win this war was to use the holy weapon,

the holy ballista of antioch was the last hope. while the remaining soilders went to keep them off 2 soilders prepaired the ballista. they only had 1 arrow…

the schield wall has fallen and soilders are dying they had to fire quik!

with the last hope fired into the air the arrow hit the giant orge!
he went up in flames and the bones fell on the ground. but the dead army kept on fighting!

just before the dead were… well dead a necromancer cursed the firepit and the castle.
a short moment after that the sun came up and the dead burned

the war was won but the price was too high… 15 soilders died that day

the firepit was cursed summon the dead at night. the castle may have fallen but the town has not, we are still fighting the dead to protect the town but for how long can we keep this up?

that was the story of fort cassis. what do you think? i love to hear evry opinion, schould i make more of these things?


Great story thanks for sharing

im glad you liked it

should i make more stories?

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If you have that desire, you should always keep going, which is nice, but I believe you can do better.