I survived OGO Army For the first time YAY

like mofg the army was 21 on there side vs 7 military on my side 2 archerers 1 cleric and 4 weakly armed high lvl foot men the townsfolk that werent millitzed defended some but wow i came one hit away from losing one hearthing but the cleric saved his ass big time by casting a heal right before the killing blow like wow omfg i survived and the best part all 26 of my hearthings live to fight another day


How does it feel being mayor of boss town?

Good job buddy.

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is that really the end of the story as implemented or is there more?

and how would i place this gong the dude is so talking about "when im ready for more battles

You need to kill kobolds and they will drop fancy hats. Once you have a scout hat, you can make a gong with it (at the forge) to trigger the story to progress. You’ll need more than what you have, in terms of military though.

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thanks for that info i was lost lol i was liek what are you talking about gong i craft this thing at the blacksmith forge