Fort Haven of Raven Loft

Sorry folks, work work work

but had a few days off, got something quick done

Fort Haven

Exterior day

Exterior Night


Interiors Barracks, Storage, Towers


Great job as always Micheal!

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I love this… So epic. Wish I had the same building skills!

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Ooh, nice ballista there.

I feel like it could maybe use a flagpole or more flags, but I really like this fort already!

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Love it +1 :thumbsup: to you good sir!

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Some one please make to tutorial! I have about 100 hours into the game and I still cant figure it out.

Thank you all

what can you not figure out?

The walls, how to connect evrything and how to use the individual block toll with out the hearthlings messing it up.

I build by sections, first built each of the bottom rooms, on each building one at a time, then furnish them. Then I build the individual block around them after. Then I do the next section. Why do I do this, because a) It makes path finding easier. b) AI is easy to respond to it. c) I can focus each section.

I also blueprint my builds outside of game, to give me the idea of dimensions and size and where is what.

Edit: Also sometime the hearthlings need a little push, so using ladder outside of build helps. and group them all up with party menu. if they start dragging around(AI problems) and set a point to rest.


But how do you do the walls?

Just raise the wall around floor of buildings

The only thing that is individual walls is the fort wall (Click a point to start and hold shift doing so to cont dragging the walls to the end point you want)

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Huh… Raise the wall… 100 hours… raise the walls…

when you lay a floor of any size, and click the walls on the house of ur options, it lets you auto raise 6 square high walls

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Yeah I know but that it took me over 100 hours to not figure it out makes me question my inteligence

Not convenient, Santa.

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I feel your pain. I cant seem to build more than one single floor building without the game bugging out. I have no idea how people are doing stuff like this. I run into a game killing bug before getting very far on any project.

Perhaps… But what is Convinient is that my favorite assasin for hire livs very close to you…

I would love to see pics or a youtube vid of the Goblins banging their little heads off it lol.
Excellent build