Ravens Loft Alpha 12

Okay the Restart of Ravens Loft,

So far just bottom sections, and exp to underground in works. got Gate up,


Been a slow process, dealing with the errors, the leaving scaff, and ladders behind ect ect,

But Ravens Loft is coming along

still along way to go, and needs the edge trimming in places


is the building saved as a custom one? if so im sure people would love to have that sort of building :smiley:

I know I would :grin:

Sorry this build is to complicated to save as a blueprint, it’s being built in sections

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ahh, I wounder if thers a way to save a build this large and complicated in sections.
ill need to try that for myself lol

About another week almost, and got this far, :smile:

so many pics, to show the progress, UHG, next up is the town work


Work in progress. Additions to walls, planning phase


Added Barracks with training area, few houses, and roads


Just leaving some constructive criticism :slight_smile: If you make more “round” towers like the high you got, try adding some depth on the different layers. It’s kinda bring when it’s the same uniform surface all the way up.

Apart from that, really nice work! I should probably start building my dwarven fortress again :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:

Amazing! Very inspirational.
I wanted to build a castle for a while now, think I’ll use your building as an example if you don’t mind :relieved: