Raven's Loft Alpha 11 build

Started a new Ravens Loft since voted for.

Decided to start with town first

Building Ravens Tavern


yay! looking forward to seeing more :smile:


But is your town ruled by a Vampire Overlord?

Lovely, as always!


Town is slowly coming along.


good luck with the next two fire pits lol

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Welp game got all buggy

189+ and growing at a steady pace. Villagers Dying of hunger and getting stuck and just standing there to name a few

But got this far,

Ended up getting my third fire, I just wait for caravan to randomly trade it


Now what to Build next. Maybe Update the Mages Tower

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please do! that is a rather amazing build, and i would love to see an updated version.

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A shame it had a melt down, but at least it’s testing the strength of the builds. Hopefully in the near future this can be revisited?! And yes pls to the mage tower! :slight_smile:

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i’ve never managed to get offered more than one, admittedly i ignore a lot of them once i’m set up haha so it might be more common than i’ve thought.

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Nevermore, Raven’s Loft met it’s maker.

(See what I did there?)