Stronghold 2's Stonehearth Team

so i have not played any of the stronghold games in a year or so and i was wandering if any of you fellow stonehearth fans have it and would like to play it with me? and if you do not know what the stronghold series is just google it and maybe watch a youtube video or two on it :smile: you can buy all but SH3 for like 15 USD or not even that much. so hope some one plays one of the SH games i play any of them so if you don’t have one or want to play an older one then that’s fine!

I have stronghold 2, haven’t played in ages, but i was very good at it back in the day

SH2 is my fav but have not played it in a good bit lol would you want to play it some time?

Some time next week I think. This week I am booked.

sure just message me whine you are free :smile:

Awhh! SH2 was the best! Unfortunatly mine broke like two years back.

ah that’s sad :frowning: it is one of my all time fav games! it and all but SH3 can be got for like 15USD on amazon :smile:

R.I.P Elderon’s SH2, He was a good game.

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lol yes R.I.P Elderon’s SH2

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Lets make this thread into something! Share your best battles and insidents in the series. Maybe even some fails?

sure! and what sort of fails?

Sins i am perfect i would not know. :wink:

Since I haven’t played in a while I forgot all my tales. I would however like to discuss our rules of combat. For example No knights. or No more then 50 of any one unit.
If I were to make the rules this is what they would look like.
-No knights
-No cats
-limited trebuchets (1 or 2 per battle)
-no more then 50 of one unit in an army or attack.
-realistic walls (not made out of towers)
Feel free to dispute any of the above rules, I do have a reason for each one, but I am willing to remove any of them if others don’t like them.

On a different note we should make an official “Team Stonehearth” map and tags.

okay so how i like to play back in the day was

-some knights like 5 or 10 cus 50+ is nothing like you would have in really life and 5 is still more cus you would probably have 0 to 1 as a small lord

-I thank 5 catapults per attack would be nice

-No trebuchets at all if that is okay

-I like the 50 or less of a troop that’s fine by me

-yes back in the day i did make walls out of towers if i played random people but realistic walls would be good!

-we shod have PT = peace time of 10 or 15 years if that is okay?

-one thing i do is fight with my “Lord” the guy who if dies you lose the game and i would like if we have to have are lord in an attack but i can understand if you do not want that rule

  • any one who wants to play SH2 with me can add me on Steam my name is BloodW0lf of steam now a days

oh and i do have lacrosse to night at 5:00 just to let you know. so just tell me on steam whine and if you want to play.

PS i am rather new to stuff so whats “Team Stonehearth” map and tags.? thanks for your time ~BloodW0lf

alright 5 knights it is.

I agree on this also.

Definitely, I only said some trebuchets cause some people like them. I personally support no trebuchets.

I usually play PT is until all players say their ready, and that you cannot build any military men during that time.

I personally don’t like this, if you want to play like that I would also. But it seemed to force you to play defensively


maps as in custom maps i’m about to start making one right now, and tags as in the things you put in front of your name to signify your in a clan or team something like [TSH]

okay i like it lets do it.

DAME YOU ALL!! The loot of you!!
There is no stronghold 2 on steam :wink:

That just saved my some money

The Stronghold Collection for 20$ has it so yes . . .

The following is a un-edited tale of the first fight of the wolves and squishes. I am writing this down in a medieval scribe like fashion so grammar may be a bit … different. Also I wrote this in under ten minutes so I wound’t forget any of the facts.

The wolves built a massive castle, bigger and mightier then any other. With this castle they trained an army to attack there sworn enemies the squishes, who lived on the other side of the volcano. It has to be said that the squish castle and estates looked squished. The squishes, who were probably jealous of the wolves castle, decided to take over the wolves estates. As a counter political action the wolves attacked the squish estates. When the squishes took over the wolf estate they burnt the whole place to the ground and abandoned it. The wolves also did this, but with a bit more fighting.

At this point the squishes stationed many troops outside and ontop of their walls. One such group consisted of a shield wall of vikings with horse archers nearby as support. And the other was a shield wall of foresters (bandits) with horse archers as well. The first skirmish happened by the forester shield wall. Wolf horse archers stormed directly at the shield wall. shrugging off the losses caused by the throwing javelins. They then plunged direct fire at the shield wall. However the squishes had laid a trap. The until now unseen squish horse archers came at there side shooting the wolf archers un-exposed flank. As the wolves turned to face this new threat the foresters rushed out from behind there shield wall to ambush and kill the wolf archers. It was a squish victory, but it costed nearly 20 squish’s lives.

The wolf leaders were clearly annoyed at the outcome of this skirmish and prepared a siege with many men and many archers. They attacked on the side where the vikings shield wall was. After facing off the wolves they attacked the vikings. At the same time the foresters came around the corner of the castle and attacked the wolves, Two forces of squish horse archers plunged fire at the wolves. It wasn’t enough however and soon both shield walls were destroyed by the superior wolf numbers.

Now the wolves moved up to the castle. There was many arrows flying from the towers and too them as well. Large rocks were being hurled at the squish square tower. Somehow the squishes were able to construct a wall at a 90% angle from the castle and rolled burning logs onto the wolf armies. Nearly 50% of the wolves died in that encounter. Even now the sages are arguing if that broke the rules of engagement.

Right after that the squish swordsmen and knights poured out of their gate to attack the weakened wolves. It was poor timing on the squishes part, For the wolves had set up a ladder onto the wall and were already pouring into the tower to kill the archers above. Now the squishes sent their mounted knights to the base of the tower, while their swordsmen climbed the enemy ladder to attack the wolves. The wolves were too fast and were already pouring into the clearing. The knights led them away from the base of the tower, and into the direct plunging fire of many horse archers and many archers and the wall. However the wolves armor was thick and few fell from the arrows. The mounted knights kept riding in circles and keeping the wolf soldiers confused. By now the squish swordsmen poured out of the tower and flanked the remaining wolf soldiers. The fight was bloody but the squishes out numbered and out positioned the wolves and the battle was soon theirs.

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Lovely description almost 100% right !!! :smile:

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