The Profession of the OverNerd

This world is where I, the OverNerd, have doomed my people by ever coming to them. I am the one who is the voice in the ear of every craftsman driving to them to excel in their craft to profit and progress. This imbalance calls the land to cry aloud; violated and razed for the luxury and delight of my followers. But I will not reside undaunted, It is I, the cry to victory and glory, that compels a meek hearthling to one day take up arms and knock juniper blade on oaken shield to call his allies and I who rally them against the terrors of night who come to redress the imbalance of the civilization that weighs down the world under my will. It is I who causes that warrior to rise battleweary from his bed determined to chop fertile soil and secure his companions against the darkness of famine with pumpkin and cornstalk. It is I who brings edge to steel to steal wildlife from its home to fill my coffers with meat and hide. It is I who knows where the road leads but not when it shall be built; It is I who causes the mystery of the Woodworker who can make the stone that can break stone, and the stone worker who can melt steel harder than stone. I can urge my Hearthlings to their destiny but even I am but a balance of the forces of their own undeniable sparks and clash of the forces of nature and the chaos that erupts from my presence in their world. My duty is their curse. By visiting upon my little followers, it mayhap be this is what causes Goblin and Ghoul alike to seek to undo my will upon their world brought forth from my vassals. The forces of nature be forsaken; My people shall emerge glorious as a wound upon this world from which all manner of life shall spill forth. The OverNerd hath spoken: The People Shall Do; The World Shall Bow.