The Mighty No. 9 Creators Like My Voxels

After watching their KickStarter video I was inspired to make some Fan Art.
So, I made this. He is Beck the main character in Mighty No. 9.

Then I went onto the comment section on their KickStarter page and posted links to my Fan Art.

Once I did, Comcept USA, LLC (the people making the game) took notice of it
and they liked it so much. They Tweeted it!! Twice! Okay the second time was to give me credit, lol.

Man, this just made my week!


Yay Skull24! wewt wewt

brilliant stuff… congratulations again, you earned it! :smile:

@Warstories and @SteveAdamo Thanks guys!

Off Topic

I can’t wait to show you the project I’m working on. It’s going to take a while because I want everything to be just right when I release it.