The menu of activity in the corner?

I would just like a good description of what each category is in the bottom right hand corner, pictured here I just dont know what most of them mean and occaisionally the LUA category gets really high and my workers stop doing stuff but everything else is moving

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It’s all the different things the game can do that use up your computers CPU time. Ideally it should be really low always and the bar will stay 99% green (idle).

Of course, in reality, the game has much work to go to get there. When all the green goes away, that means the game is overloading your CPU and things will lag.

As far as the other things go, it’s more for the devs when they need to know whats taking too much time, but I can give you a ballpark description.

Unaccounted time: Any CPU usage that doesn’t fall under any other category.
Network recv & Network send: The game uses a server/client model even for single player, so this is the overhead cost of maintaining communication between the two processes.
Pathfinder: This is the games AI working to figure how to get any character from one place to another. The more things in the world, the more it does!
Pathfinder navgrid: This maintains a map of the places in the world characters can go to, so that the pathfinder can use it.
Lua: Much of the game logic is done using lua code. This is that.
Lua cb: Lua callbacks. Callbacks are programming things that help generic functions do specific things.
Lua gc: Lua garbage collection. It’s an automatic process that lua uses to get rid of data that isn’t being used anymore.


Thank you that helps alot, but is there anyway to help solve an LUA problem, after i get to about 20 days in game, it starts to peak and really disrupt the game. I understand if there is no solution right now for it but it seems like if theres an issue with the came logic coding after a certain point that it may need looked at.

Forgive me however, if i sound uneducated on the subject, i just really enjoy this game is all lol.

Short of buying a whole new computer (which only delays the issue to a few days later), there isn’t much you can do.

One thing that might help is finding out how many hearthlings you can have before things get really slow on your computer and then just never let more join your town.

Another thing is to avoid digging out complicated shapes or making really complicated buildings. The less “boxy” you make the world, the less effort the computer has to go to when figuring out how to get around.

Recently, the devs asked for and got quite a few save games with many days played to look at and see what is causing problems. But they have enough of that kind of save for now apparently, so we just have to wait until they figure out the problems and fix them as much as possible.


Thanks this clears up alot, I just know that my computer isnt that bad, as I’ve played much more complicated or very similar games and it runs just fine. But ill take that advice as, they’re working on resolving this issue as similar ones have come up with a common pattern. Ill try making a new town again and see where I get. Its just frustrating cause im really trying to get my characters at level 6 :stuck_out_tongue:

A tip about that for crafters. Make sure your crafters have high Creativity (comes from high Mind). For every new thing you craft, they get loads of bonus XP. Craft all the things and your guys will get to level 6 quite fast.

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Yeah…lol i got to level six and no new options to build different things showed up, then i realized that’s what they meant by not implemented yet :S woops

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