LUA maxed out! help!

Can anybody offer some advice on how to get my lua gauge down? It is slowly the game down alot. It is covering like 90% of activity…

turn off shadows/ lower the number of lights in settings

don’t build that many lanterns

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Fairly certain it’s not related to graphical issues. Have you checked to see if any of your hearthlings are “stuck” somewhere? I know that if I am mining or something and get a few hearthlings stuck where they can’t path to a resource drop off or something they will soak up a bunch of memory trying to find a way back until I build a ladder or something

would this not be represented in the BFS or A* categories?

historically i’ve found that lua ramps up with too many lights and too many open tasks that they just don’t know what to do with themselves lol

@zathes_prime you can also try lowering your hearthling limit / having them have little “accidents” in your current save if you think that might be the reason

Thanks for the advice, ill give it a shot. I doubt its the hearthling limit though as one of my previous games had way more then I currently have.