I have a question about the LUA?

so i have about 12 Hearthlings right now and my LUA is about 70% [lag about here and there] do you think it will get better as it goes?

Yes, I am pretty sure. Probably the team is focusing at the moment on getting things - like features - done and working. Optimization will only come later on in the development.


Cool, it be nice but i think my hearthlings are almost at their limits xD

There will be some debugging code included at the moment. Once this is gone we should also see an improvement in performance. I am not yet concerned :wink:.


that nice another nice thing they should add is Footman patrol, and its funny because i have barried myself in a gate and the enemies no longer attack me xD im loving it

like have them sit and stand at the gate instead of staming around in the farm xD

it be nice if you could mine your own area that you build on, this way there be a way to deconstruct building that you build or in my case roads

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