Worried about the Performance in lategame

Hello Everyone,

i really enjoy playing hearthstone,
but i am a little bit worried.

Currently, as soon as the civilization of the town reaches 10 people and some houses, the performance drops to a bad level. the AI is permanently on 80%+ cpu load and the people are starting to stop working on stuff,
forgetting prioritization.

I am a little bit worried that this is because of the usage of lua for this areas.
i know lua from many other games where it was used for UI Generation and handling. but each part for stuff like AI or Core methods, the LUA got connected to C++ C# or other languages.

When i found this game, the description was that this game will offer to build big towns, fullly from scratch. But currently i am a littlle bit worried that because of the usage of LUA for the AI, the game will become problems in question of population.

I know that this game is currently in Alpha, and i know what an alpha is for. but even on an alpha, the groundcore should already be decided and as far as i see, it was decided to use LUA for the AI.
But when i check out the posssiblities of LUA, i get the impression that LUA is not able to handle a mass of popuplation like stonehearth is planned to offer.

I would be realy happy if someone could prove me wrong :confused:

Kind regards


Performance will increase as time goes on, and as optimization occurs - honestly that is all that needs to be said right now I think. Things are still very much up in the air, I mean hell, Alpha 1 was a hell of a lot worse than this, and that was with barely any features.

You just need to give it time.

Don’t we all.

I would leave that one to the programmers - I mean Minecraft is renowned for being a goddamn mess on Java, but hey it works right?


Things do get a bit laggy later on, especially when townslings are mining, but as @Geoffers747 says, it’s to be expected at this early stage when there is likely no optimization going on. Myself, I’d be glad if I could save the GD game after about 10 days.

Crashes in A9 seem to me much rarer, though, so there’s that.

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This is Stonehearth :laughing:


The beatings will continue until performance improves.

There are a few notable bugs that exist with the ‘lategame’ as it is right now, which is why you get such a huge performance drop. Once those are ironed out, then we will get to really see what nukes performance on our machines. With further optimization to the jobs tool and pathfinder, the game should easily be able to support quite a bit more going on than what we have right now.

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I find the performance very strange in late game (well not to sure I’m in late game yet). The UI and general game itself runs find (according to steam about 120 fps) but the visuals judder a LOT. At first I thought this was double speed causing issues so I ran it at normal speed and same amount of juddering occurs. This means it takes so much longer to do things.

@NonBritGit I am currently mining a large room in the side of a mountain… maybe that has something to do with it XD it’s destroying my CPU :frowning: .

Edit: I lowered the draw distance to half of the lowest on default (250 instead of 500) and lowered the resolution to 1024x640. Whilst my frames almost doubled my hearthlings remained unchanged.

P.S. Shouldn’t this be moved to performance?

Large designations, like floors and mining, will lag things to hell and back. Well, they did in the last several alphas when I tested it. Dunno about the latest build.

Limit the size of your mining to keep it from blowing up your computer.

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