High Lua use, slow performance?

Want to start a discussion regarding performance in the latest dev build (2617). I have played the last 4 or 5 builds, and this one seems (to me at least, very subjective here) to be running very poorly compared to the previous few. I have watched the Lua performance go up to close to 95% and stay pretty constantly above 70%. I have had to pause the game frequently to let the Lua finish so the Pathfinder can catch up. When I do this it takes 30 seconds or so but the pathfinder skyrockets to 90% or so for a bit, before going back down and the Lua going up. I have yet to see the performance idle go above 3%.

(Note: I am fully aware this is an alpha and these are dev builds, so no performance is guaranteed or expected, but as a developer myself, I would want to know if change that were made in a build significantly affected performance…)

Edit 1: I am seeing this issue with only the starting 7 hearthlings and only one building constructed, nothing to fancy or late in game.

I agree with you. The changes introduced to Alpha 12 regarding terrain, pathfinder and AI have affected the performance significantly.

For my old low-end laptop it’s still playable, but seeing the high CPU usage and the stutter/lag compared to the previous Alpha 11, really makes me want to wait until the performance is improved again.

Which makes me sad… I don’t know why haven’t I bought a new computer yet *sigh*

I hope that the performance can be fixed little by little as until now (each alpha was smoother than the previous one). If not, would the minimum requirements still be valid?

Currently using Alpha 17 and whenever lua and lua_gc are high (this seems to be an on-going performance issue for a long time), it lags badly. Computer specs is Intel i7 core with Nvidia GTX650.