Performance issues LUA

Hello. As soon as I start my game, LUA takes up to 70+% of my running, and hearthlings are sluggish to recognize or preform new tasks. Is there any way to fix this? Do I have too many objects ect? Or is it simply a matter of alpha being alpha?

Picture of my town for relevance

From what I see you could use some storage containers. Lots of people say that “item lag” is an issue. You have lots of storage areas on the ground and the game has to keep track of those items individually on screen. Try putting them in chests or something. Maybe that will help you out.

You also have several lights and the screen shot is of night. Lights are known to cause a little lag at night. Maybe try turning off shadows and turning down max lights. Might help.

Thanks, I’ll try those. I have been slowly going from storage piles to containers anyway, because its rather unsightly. And I’ll try the lights too.

@Inumel can you please share a save with the Lua slowdown issue? Thanks.

1470148434464 - (8.6 MB)
here you are sir @brad

I think I can contribute to that. Notice that the carpenter in my save just got stuck and tries to craft something. LUA usage skyrockets.
LUA sucks up more and more power the longer you let this save work though.