[BUG] lua near 100 %

I am not sure what is going on, so I uploaded the erring save-file for more knowledgeable people to deduce. A short description nonetheless:

The game is running on, albeit at a very slow pace. Scaffolding are up on a seemingly fully built (disregarding a lantern for the exterior) dining hall. The dining hall is built from preset plans found within the game. No task is assigned the hearthlings (town inhabitants and folk) by the game from what I can tell; the hearthlings’ statuses are set as “idle” in the dialog listing inhabitants.

Some of the recent significant actions and events before the error occurred include:

  • A citizen was promoted from trapper to shepherd.
  • I was warned by a dialog ("… birds stop singing …") that wolf camps would spawn, yet I could not confirm any actually appearing.
  • The small cottage-for-one was built according to preset facing the dining hall in question.

Further questions? Pose them beneath, and I shall try to remember to check back here.

EDIT: Upload wasn’t permitted due to file formats, unfortunately.

EDIT2: Thank you MindlessMe; The bar in the lower right is blue the whole while, and upon clicking reveals that “lua” is taking up 98%. Interface and camera control and movement are not affected by the bad performance issues: They are functioning normally. The problem is unique to current save, that is, it does not linger on newly created games.

EDIT3: By light of MinlessMe’s reply, the post’s subject was renamed.

When you say bad performance, do you mean lag, complete slow motion, error dialog, etc? Have you looked at the bar that monitors usage at the bottom right? You can click on the bar and it will pop up a box listing all the client resources and show their real time usage. Have you tried starting a new game to see if it does the same?

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It seems to be both bad performance and complete slow motion; All characters are seemingly lagging along, as they move and everything. Yet, I can control the camera just fine, with no noticeable framerate-drops.

The bar is complete blue. Upon clicking on it, it reveals that “lua” is taking about 98% constantly.

The problems do not affect new games.

This is the same issue a lot of us are having. Once the LUA starts hitting around 100% it’s pretty much game over, at least until they upgrade the client. At this point in time it looks like the client is capped on what resources it can use, and when it hits that cap it lags something aweful. I usually see uncontrollable pausing around day 20 when the LUA spikes up to 100% then drops to around 40%. This happens every few seconds, making my game unplayable. I haven’t played past that so I’ve never hit 100% LUA usage at all times.

I am hoping the team addresses this issue soon since it is very obviously a game breaking issue.

sorry if youve already said this, but what wee/are you doing when the game starts getting around 100% LUA usage? making buildings that are higher then two stories is a known cause, it would be great to know more causes.

The hearthlings were finishing the building of a one story dining hall.

Game-breaking indeed. I didn’t know it was as common as that. Then again, if it is common, it is known and I doubt it will remain broken for long.

Yea, I am hoping the same. I feel a short term solution is to allow more resource utilization. For a long term solution they may have to optimize the LUA so that it doesn’t use as much.

Yeah hey guys, well I just broke the game like that… I let water stream into a small channel that i had built and the lua just went crazy… In general the water is super annoying because it will just fill up the whole thing and floats my whole underground I hope it ll get fixed soon

If anyone still has this issue (im having it with the latest beta) I found turning off the high quality graphics seems to solve the issue

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THIS TO THE MAX. Omg I know I’m necroing this post so hard, but this is exactly the solution I needed for the LUA above 70% lag.