Random LUA spikes freeze game every few seconds

I have a population of 8, and not much going on with the town, yet every so often the LUA % spikes up to 80% and freezes the game for a few seconds before returning to normal. This prevents building, or designating areas, and obviously stops everybody from working, effectively dragging out mundane tasks.


This might be your own computer, because I got this problem from time to time when I had 20 heartlings.

Before we can do anything, we’ll need computer specs, version, ect.

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I get this problem too, and it’s really frustrating as it makes the game unplayable. The blue LUA bar is always full up on the frame after the lag. It was happening to me with only 10 hearthlings.

My specs are:
i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz
16 Gig
Nvidia GTX670

I am running release 293 (Alpha 10, x64)

I restarted another game and played for a while until I built up to 16 hearthlings. “Lua” and “Lua CB” were using up basically all the CPU and the game ground to a crawl.

So, looks like Lua might need some profiling to work out what’s going on and where some algorithms could be optimised :smile:

On the upside, now we’re in 64bit land it’s not crashing much anymore!

I am having this exact same problem too. And I’m up to 16 Hearthlings also. :disappointed:

I’m having the same issue with 8 hearthlings as well. All game game progress stops (hearthling movement, building, etc.) but I can still access menus and click options. I have noticed the longer I play on that file the longer the lag is. I am up to 10 seconds of freezing to 6 seconds of non-freezing. At this point I am spending more time watching statues than playing.

AMD 1100T
16Gb RAM
AMD R9 280X

I have this problem also around 20 hearthlings but I found by saving my game and exiting then rebooting it goes away for a good while before trying to murder my ram and cpu again.

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I have tried that with no luck. The odd thing is that neither my ram or CPU are being used up completely. The game doesn’t even cap out a single core on my hex processor, and it only takes up about 3Gb of Ram.

At this point I am wondering if the game client is programmed for a usage limit. If that is the case then no matter what resources you have in the system, the client will hit the ceiling and start lagging. Would be something the team could address?

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Yeah I’m not sure about that myself we’d have to talk to tom or tony about that.

I have a high spec PC myself so it shouldn’t be doing that.

Maybe there is a workaround that we can issues it more resources.

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After starting another playthrough I hit lag again around 10 hearthlings and day 20. The key thing I am noticing when the game lags is that the LUA usage is hitting 100%. At this point in time I can only guess the game does indeed have a hard cap on how much of the computers resources it can use. Once the LUA gets to the 100% mark the game won’t requisition more resources and keep going, and instead it simply hits the limit and lags until the client catches up. If this is indeed happening then it doesn’t matter your computer specs since the game won’t utilize them anyway.

Could i get some input on this? @sdee @Geoffers747 @Ponder @Tom

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That makes me think its a leak.