The Dwarven Hamlet of East Silver Crown

Recently started a dwarven town which I think is going pretty well! (me being the dwarven lover I am)

You can see I have four sectors of bedding areas with 16 mean beds in total which only true dwarves sleep on.

I have my storage for stone, ore, food, metal bars, and the workshop areas for the blacksmith, mason, carpenter, weaver, and cook Plus, I could never forget the dinning hall!

And right outside the walls are the farms. Carrots, pumpkins, turnips, silkweed, and corn.
I’m super happy about how far I got considering this game being in Alpha and me not using and tools but my ingenuity!

And to end it with a really great night scene!

Long live East Silver Crown!


I can see that!
As for the town itself, looks like it’s going great, but maybe you could make the caverns look a little more “natural” using the precision mining tool?

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I tried doing that In the original Silver Crown… didn’t go so well

I expected a pile of gold for some reason…
wouldn’t your hearthlings being claustrophobic in the bedroom?

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Oh well! Guess we’ll just have to wait for that to be further developed!

I wanted to fix that but the game starts to slow down around 15 hearthlings

Looks really cool! Keep up the nice work. :smile:

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Thanks! :smiley: