The black cat's back! (actually not really)

hey guys, sorry I’ve been gone for a while. as much as I’d love to say I’ve been gone because of college… I can’t really say that right now. honestly, I haven’t popped in because I haven’t played stonehearth lately, and because I haven’t touched it lately, I don’t feel like I can go around resolving bug reports and whatnot, or helping people out, or making/refining suggestions.

I haven’t quit stonehearth, I play games on a motivation basis, and it kinda rotates all the time. I haven’t touched Civ V in… almost a year, I think, and recently I’ve started playing it again. I’ve also gotten into games like Factorio, Black Desert, and I’m still addicted to Elona+. for a period I picked Rune Factory 4 back up (when stardew valley came out), but I’ve since left it alone again. I will come back around some time, but I’m not sure when that’ll be. when I do, I’ll resume being active on the forums again for the duration of my stonehearth cravings, but for now I felt I should give a notice for those who are wondering where I went.