The begining of the end(s) part 1

We all know that “Titans” are going to be bosses right? But what happens when you kill them all? What happens next? Hoppfully there will be plenty of other bosses to but still… I mean you killed all the titans and in the proces you have done almost everything else there is to do. Then the game gets boring and we don’t wan’t that. We need a solution to this now!

I think when you kill the last titan a new chapter begins(no game restart). Now ancient enemies that have been sealed away by the Titans awake to conquer this world! With them they bring new weapons(craft loot), tools(loot first then craft)that can mine ores that you couldent mine before(makes more tools and weapons), gems that oppens up more portals, monsters with great strenght and new blueprints…

Suggestions for enemies(loot is also what weapon he is using)
The Lizara:
Location: Close to the rabbit clan
Apperence: Big humanoid lizards with tails
Fighting: Mostly meele

Lizara worker: Loot: Lizmond pick
Lizard soilder: Loot: Lizmond sword
Lizara crossbowman: Lizmond bolts and a crossbow
Lizara brute: Bigger then normal Lizarians loot: a two-handed Lizmond sword.
Lizara Zes guard: Loot: Lizmond sword
King Zes: Boss, loot: Lizaramond two-handed axe.

When you kill Zes you can take his Lizaramond gem and a blueprint on how to build a portal(will requrie all gems).

The darknos:
Location: Underground
Apperence: A dark ghostly looking human with purple fire surronding it.
Fighting: Magic and swords.

Darknos slave: A man/woman corrupted by the Darknos to serve them. Loot: Granashi pickaxe
Darknos warrior: Loot: Granashi sword.
Soul reaper: Loot scythe that pierce.
Darknos commander: Often has two warriors with him. Loot: Staff of the dead, it can command two skeletons(weakens when being commanded)
Darknos sacraficer: Can stun loot: Granashi dager
Lord Grashata: Loot: Granashida dark-fire staff and blueprint.

The Tiger clan(I know two animals)
Apperence: Humanoid tigers
Fighting: Range and unarmed

Tiger forager: Loot: trygalium knife and ores
Tiger ranger: Loot: bow and trygalium arrows.
Tiger champion: Uses his claws to kill. Loot: trygalium ingot
Tiger rider: Rides on his fellow (real)tiger out in to battle. Loot: Trygalium lance
Sajmba: Has a big trysarium claw and a special made crossbow.

Lizara short lore: Losing the war the humans sacraficed to the titan ??? for aid. The titan banished them to an underground prison. Later when the titan ??? was slain they grew in strength but were still to weak to escape since the other titans power held them back. When the final titan died they escaped seaking revenge. As warrior race they love fighting and by favoring heavy armor they are tough enemies that could kill you with ease(with an exception for dwarves).

Darknos short lore: When the war broke up between the ancient kingdom of Manarest and the dwarves the world started to shake… None could stay out of the war, the rabbit clan joined Manarest and the rivaling kingdom of Gandor joined the dwarves. The dwarves was slaughtering everyone who dared face them in battle and victory was in their grasp. The king of Manarest turned to the titan ??? for help but the titan became enraged that a mortal asked him without sacrafices. The titan banished the whole kingdom to hell where they became the corrupted souls they are today. The rabbit clan surrenderd and got to keep their ruler and lands. In hell an hatred for the dwarves grew stronger every day and they finnaly managed to break free when the last titan died.
The kingdom of Manarest was well known for their wizards and magic knowlege, in hell they learned dark magic including necromancy.

Tiger clan short lore: The tiger clan is the rival of the rabbit clan. They are constantly fighting over land, resources and everything. After the great war between Manarest and the dwarves the rabbit clan was very weak but the Tiger clan was stronger then ever. The clan elders decided to lead the army through through an abandoned dwarven tunnel so they could flank the enemy. During those times tigers used heavy armor and twohanded weapons, they were very loud when they marched… So loud that they woke up the titan ???. The titan was enraged and banished them to a jungle were dangerous creatures have their nests. The warriors were easely defeted by the monsters so the clan decided to change tactics, stealth. With their cat like abilites they masterd it easy. The elders decided when they got back to their home world, They
would finish what they started… To destroy the rabbit clan!
The tigers are masters of stealth and espacially ranged combat. Growing up in the jungle world they are very hard to scare, and even harder to find.

There is obviusly more races but this is a start.

Items explained:
Staff of the dead: Humans can only control one

Sorry for bad grammar but i really didn’t feel like checking it… I’m going to make part two but(t) my god… This took some time. And now smile! :smile:


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