When will the Titan come?

I completed the township quest, I got the geonmancer, I defeated ogo and orc’s army. When will the Titan come? The rabbit people dont say anything etc.

You have to make sure you put up the final gong

After you receive the geomancer and two of the rabbit residents there will be random bunny quests, brew some potions, make some doors… etc. A bunny needs a place to crash, random loyalty quests. Each time aside from a reward (gold dandruff… flakes.) the quest will mention loyalty has raised, or something.

After bugging you so much they will ask you to send a mason, a blacksmith and two settlers (I think) to help with a project, and when they return you will receive the giant anti-titan weapon (I forgot what it was called). I think after receiving it, the titan attacks when you place the weapon in your settlement.

Just a minor clarification: once you’ve unlocked either the Gong or the Arbalest (or both), you need to place one/both down and activate one in order to summon the Titan. Simply having the items in your town won’t summon the titan, it’s specifically the choice to activate them (a button that appears when you select the item, just like the “use” button for potions) which will start the fight.

You can only fight the Titan once, but if you have both the gong and the arbalest you can satisfy both quests with the same titan fight. If you somehow manage to get multiple arbalests (the only “legit” way to do this is to construct the arbalest and then re-embark with it as one of the 10 items rather than using it), you can use them all to bombard the Titan – you just need to select + fire them individually.

Make sure you’re well prepared before summoning the Titan, the NPCs aren’t exaggerating about it being a tough fight! You’ll need to have a good supply of food, healing items, and a well-equipped army… you need to be able to defend your town AND be able to send out “hunting parties” to defeat/close the portals and break the tentacles, or else you’ll get overwhelmed by the steadily increasing waves of enemies.

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