Should goblins attack after defeating the general?

Should goblins attack after defeating the general? I defeated all the Orcs, they recognized my rights to the land. They asked me to help with Titan. But they keep attacking me after that and pretty big groups! It is very difficult to defeat Titan in such conditions :sob::sob::sob:

Do you have any of the gongs deployed? Those summon orc raids.

The daily encounters don’t stop when the Orc campaign is in progress or finished, so there are still randomly selected camps spawning alongside the “challenger” encounters. I’ve had goblin thieves spawn a camp at the change-of-day even as I was finishing off the Master Gong fight, which forced me to retreat back to town (dragging 4 heavily damaged ogres along with my army) to deal with them.

Is it possible for “high priority” encounters to put other encounters on pause, so that we don’t have random wandering monsters attack in the middle of our cinematic pitched battles? I wouldn’t mind if an active combat encounter blocked all other events – what trader in their right mind would try to approach a town currently besieged by goblins or worse and try to sell some bacon and eggs for breakfast?


i agree with you
i was trying for the first time the titan attack and maybe 1 min after i summoned him a merchant came…
i feelt it like
“hey nice tentacles you have over your town… and those dark monsters… btw, wanna buy some stuff?
whaaaaat? you serious? get out of here… i don’t want to protect you too”

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Yes, I have. But I wanted to say that this does not fit in with lore in my opinion.
When the orc says that they have recognized me as the strongest and are asked to destroy the greatest evil, and then attack me, it is a little confusing.

Maybe at the end of the orc dialogue write a phrase that “if you do not feel strong enough, then re-place any of the gongs.” At the same time, automatically remove all installed gongs. Or some kind of similar mechanics, but make sure that after defeating the Orc General and recognizing the player’s rights to the territory, the orcs no longer attacked until the player explicitly calls them to attack.


Summoning @Rabid_Llama.


You make some good points - Erdene’s text kinda-sorta explains it away as “There are still those in my ranks who believe you weak. They will honor the Accord, but put out any gong of the Four Colors and they will gladly return to meet your challenge”

Then again, just because the text says something doesn’t mean it feels right.

I might be able to automatically un-deploy the gongs, that seems like a good compromise. I’ve gotten bitten by the gongs continuing to pull in high-level orcs before myself, because there was a gong I used to decorate the inside of my barracks that I forgot about…

Also, orcs showing up during the titan encounter is totally intentional - think of it as them wanting to strike at an opportune moment, or that they saw not one, but TWO worthy opponents. They will attack titan stuff, and it’s usually actually a help for me, since they’ll often run into a portal and smash it up pretty good.


I think this will be a good decision.

In my case, they attacked the workers who wanted to cut down the sprout next to the tentacles :slight_smile: