Started Titan bossfight second time

Hi there.
im not sure if this is bug. I played with one town for several days and reached the fianal boss by both ways throw gong quest and orcs and second time with rabbits reputation. Problem is that when i clicked on sumon titan on crystalline arbalest (from rabbit quest) it didnt sumoned the titan. Anyway i still can shoot with it and rabbit still saying me that weapon is ready ang go on and go on… but without ay progres.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start quest for defeating Titan after he was already defeated

Expected Results:
it should probably start titan fight second time or rabits should continue they quest line.

Actual Results:
i keep shooting light beam into space and nothing happening

Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

I had the flip version of this. I initiated the Titan with the crystalline arbalest and once I finished I tried to active the gong. I was a bit confused at first because I expected the gong to transform, like the arbalest did, to a moral boosting item. Luckily I guess the game tossed the finished battle version of the gong into my inventory so I could still place it.

exe ver

My town just fall in state like this thread : Started Titan bossfight second time

I already defeated titan by using orc’s gong, but a many days later, rabbit gave me another arbalest to shoot.
I clicked call titan button, but nothing but only charging event happens.


To escape this state, I think titan should appear again and defeated again. How to do that?

I don’t think you can summon it again in the same game without console;
Maybe this is a good opportunity to re-embark? :merry:

Titan can’t be summoned a second time, the encounters check if you have already defeated it and don’t summon it (except in multiplayer, in which can be summoned once per player, but only one can be active at the same time).

The fact that you get some items in the other path and attempt to kill the titan a second time is confusing, but given that you can complete either quest at different stages of the other quest, it’s a complex scenario. Perhaps adding more checks could avoid this situation :thinking: