The Alpacalypse Campaign

Hello everyone, I’ve recently been tampering in the modding world and wanted to introduce you to my latest idea of a campaign.

In order to start the campaign you must first have a Shepard that is level four . Once you have a level four Shepard you can now herd alpacas… The campaign begins.

Once you have five or more alpacas herded in a pin a strange man arrives in your town. He warns of a beast that has been stalking nearby cities, and offers his services for 50 gold a day. Once you have a made a choice, it is up to you what happens next. The man will ask for odd stuff over the next 10 days leading up to the beasts arrival. Will you fulfill his needs and save your city, or will you watch it be destroyed?

I will release updates on this if you’re interested in helping or have ideas comment or directly message me. I could really use someone who can animate. Feashrind out!


Very good, I like you! Come on, complete as soon as possible.

Is that beast the weresheep? :sheep: :ram:


What is included in the mod

  • New campaign
  • Two new mobs
  • Alpaca
  • Abyssal Scout
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • New ore
  • Shadow Ore
  • New Weapons
  • ???
  • ???
  • ??? ( A blade strong enough to kill a beast, tread lightly.)
  • New Plants
  • Shadow lilly
  • Light lilly
  • Ancient root
  • Coffee Plant
  • ???
  • ???
  • New Classes
  • Alchemist
  • Life bringer
  • ???
  • Food
  • Tacos
  • Pizza
    This mod is almost a full blown new expansion for Stonehearth. I don’t have a finish date yet, but modeling is in full swing!

cant wait for it to be done!

hope to see you post some pics of the models as teasers


The beast will never be revealed, it will always be a mystery until you confront it in the mod. I might release a picture if someone leaks it, but I always want it to be shrouded in mystery.

This is a whisp pet, something that will follow your villagers around. Just wanting to mess with the pet AI since it’s being introduced.


So cool! :smiley:


Love projects like this!
if i only had the skills…

Keep up the good work!


Been putting in a lot of work on a few other models but decided to try my hand at my first plant… I’ll give you a hint, if Tom was a Hearthling this would be his favourite bean!


Looks really fancy to me. Id say its vine but i guess im wrong judging by last model :wink:

oh… wait… oh… i got, i got, pick me pick me!!!

its gotta be a Coffee Bean…


Once you have a level four Shepard you can now herd alpaca

I love Alpacas! This would make my love for southamerican sheep-like creatures flourish! Please YES!

Dingg Ding Ding!

As do I! They have to be my favourite animal ever!

For a little bit more as to what is in store for this mod, I reveal to you guys The Abyssal Scout. These guys only come out during the night. They are well known for scouting out locations to find Alpacas, but if you are lucky to kill one they will be freed from their curse and follow your Hearthlings around as Whisps.


I’ve been working on some other models and trying to figure out stuff as I go, but it came clear to me that I could not come up with a final design to a model. Good thing we have a discourse for community feedback! Now the model I’m about to show you is not the final model, there will probably be different renditions of it or similar to it.

This staff will not be implemented in the first mod release, it will be added after ranged combat is introduced. It is an important item to one of the classes that has yet to be announced for the mod. This basically gives me a style guide on what to work with and what to aim for when looking at items. Thanks for your guy’s feedback and I appreciate it a lot!

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4
  • None of the Above

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Well the vote is finished! The winner for the Abyssal Staff is Option 3!

I have already started incorporating this into other models, and hope to show them off later this month perhaps. Stay tuned for more!


i rather like this version! and now im uncertain which version i voted for :laughing:


Alright so the last community input went pretty well. Now I’m calling to the suggestive creative people! I’m having a little creation block with this one, I was working on some recipes for the cook and I couldn’t think of what to put tacos in! I thought maybe a basket, but that turned out to be too weird. I tried for something modern like the taco box at Taco Bell… Nope! So I ask you, what would be a good idea to hold tacos?

Also, pizza and tacos confirmed.


Mod update!

SO I kind of missed last weeks update… Sorry about that, got caught up in other stuff. Fear not, this week I bring some juicy stuff, introducing the Wolfling! It’s still a work in progress but it’s shaping up pretty nicely. The wolf head itself was a part of a different model I was using it for that I eventually just scraped .

What is the Wolfling?

  • An NPC
  • Possible playable race

I’ve began outlining the story of the campaign and also deciding what is what. The only problem I’m having is picking up LUA, it’s tedious but fun at the same time. I’ve also been trying to find some type of animation software that I can use to animate. I will also be releasing the first version of the mod itself, it won’t have anything major just plants, food, weapons and armor. Thanks everyone for the feedback, I want to make this to the best that it can be!



Ooh, very nice! If you need an animation tool, you could always try to find that blender animation extension @voxel_pirate made. I’m on mobile right now, so I can’t get the link in here.

As for feedback, the pig doesn’t look the right shade of pink for a pig. It’s too saturated, unless you have a reason for doing so. Multicolored pigs? I could get behind that. Wolf guy looks cool! Keep at it!


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Update #.05
Work continues on the Alpacalypse mod! I’ve begun coding and animating some of the various models that will be introduced! Like I said previously the first version of the mod is just going to add some recipes, you will not be able to advance through the story portion of the mod til the other variables are taken care of first. Speaking of stuff to show introducing one of the new creatures, The Strider!

Boy is this thing awesome! Terrible to animate, but fun to think about what it can do. The Strider will be used by one of the new classes and the weaver! It’s possible that The strider will be made available to be a rideable creature but that’s really far down the road! this is still a work in progress, but I am still working on animating it.

Also introducing a new plant, Wheat! A plant used to sell and also make food, not used for eating! This plant will be used for a few recipes by the cook, those will be shared with the next mod update!