Texture (floor/road) clipping With use of IB


i was wondering and assuming this is a bug that might not have to do with mods but with the IB (Instant Build) command, which results if you dont wait for hearthlings to actually replace the grass/natural blocks in that space, before you use IB. if it is indeed a bug, here’s the picture for refference

and here's the savefile (quite some mods added, but none that i would assume to cause something like this) texture clipping save.rar (2.5 MB)

Version number: 0.24.0 (R859)


sadly that’s not the only bug with the instant build…
you probably won’t be able to place anything inside the building too… not sure abut the exterior
you will see the ghost furniture but when they are added just fall to the ground (wall furniture)
is not mod related
it might be compatibility between the new builder and the console command


i did notice i couldn’t place shelves, they just dropped as items on the location i wanted to “deploy” them, didnt think that was related


IB is a debugging tool and we can offer no guarantees that it will work perfectly, won’t break your game, and won’t summon a horde of monstrosities from the void.

Object Placement Bug

Give me a detailed step by step process to do the latter please?

  1. Wait for next patch
  2. Finish the orc campaign.
  3. Ring the dark gong.