Performance tanks and a couple of things it could relate to

i’ve been playing a new game locked to 20 hearthlings max as is reccomended, i do have a bunch of mods in here, and some be a cause for massive performance drops but i dont know so ill just list them all with the save and list my personal findings

If you look at the printscreen the numbers indicate the order of which they got built in, so during and after the 4th building i started noticing alot of quirks, occasionaly i’d have to proper reboot the whole game (reloading didnt resolve any performance issues anymore) building templates were “halfassed” in the sense that alot of furniture was not ordered either on the location or at their respective crafter, alot of issues with hearthlings getting stuck inside of the walls around tight buildings (i dont think this is a major problem cuz thats fixed easily enough), but most of all, there seems to be issues placing furniture in specific locations, ergo, its hard for them if you have a row of 3 tables and 3 chairs, it’s really hard for them to place the table thats in the middle of the row if the rest is already placed down.

EDIT 1.0: I’ve also noticed my inventory (when i try to place stuff) is filled with “ghost” items, in this case i notice i have a couple of fences, 18~, that are in my inventory, but i cant sell them, and they never seem to get placed, cuz they dont actually exist as items. see the second printscreen those items have been ordered to be placed 3 ingame days ago, and they,re not actually in any chest or stockpile (i checked around)

1529237222981.rar (5.9 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Custom Stockpile
Castle (Templates)
Super Mod 6
Tavern prancing pony (Templates)
Weaver house! (templates)
Guesthouse “Yellow Mouse”(Templates)
Archipelago biome (loaded but not in use)
Armis Maximus
Autoharvest mod
Ballista Turret
Better Storage
Box o’ vox:
-Cleric Crafting
-Plants & Animals
Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking mod)
Crafter Queues!
Easy mode difficulty
Footman Power Strike Rebalance
Town center “Little Palace” (Temaplates)
Green mesa biome (loaded but not in use)
Sacred grove biome (loaded but i dont think i used it in world gen)
Home sweet home
Hearthlings of many faces
Important mood
Stoneheartth Doorways
Locks of many hair (no colors)
Mina’s Architecture (Templates)
Miner profession
Poultry farm 50x50 (Templates)
Primitive Armory
Smart Crafter
Smartashe templates (Templates)
World map size 160
System Information:
Windows 10 Pro
Intel core i7-2600k CPU 3.40k GHz
64 bit OS ofcourse.
500gb SSD (installation drive for the game, and windows)
6TB HDD (3x 2TB)
Geforce GTX 970 Graphics card.

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Hey, the inventory being overfilled is a bug that was caused by my Miner mod. I have fixed this bug as of two days ago, but you will need to start a new game (and update your mod, if you’re using Dropbox rather than steam).

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so ghost inventory (inventory that cannot be sold nor actually placed, but does show up in the placement menu) is from the miner profession?

if so thats good to know, but thats not the only issue listed on here ^^ cheers for the info though

Yes, this was caused by a piece of code that had some side effects I wasn’t aware of. Basically, when the miner put things in his backpack, the backpack “cloned” that item, and then destroyed it when the miner took it back out. What I didn’t know was that the act of cloning the item added it to the town inventory, but the act of destroying the item did not remove it from that inventory. So I had to add a little bit of code to manually remove the ghost item from the inventory. I’ve since played a large game with the Miner without any issues, so I can confirm the problem was resolved.

I don’t know what’s causing your other problems, sorry :frowning:

@Moai Just thought to let you know, i think the backpack bug might be back, cuz in town inventory i see a whole lot of stuff that isnt in any of my storages, nor in the sell menu for traders.

I haven’t had this issue in a while. I’ll investigate, but at this point, I don’t think it’s the Miner.

if it’s not ill open a new ticket, and apolegies for botherin ya