Terrain Restoration, Canyon Biomes & Warcraft Build | Stonehearth Herald Episode One

On this week’s show, the devs implement terrain restoration, the community creates a canyon biome, and an awesome World Of Warcraft inspired town.

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Lighting is better, sound is better, cuts are better, video clips are included, question of the week is smaller.


I feel like this one went a little long. You started to lose my attention at about 3:30 or so. I have no facts to back up optimal video length so that’s just my opinion.

Still subscribed! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

I am wanting the length to be around the 5-minute mark for each episode as that gives me enough time to cover Desktop Tuesday, The Dev Streams, and to highlight a few awesome things from the community :slight_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Great idea with this herald @IzakJackson! Even though i did not watch the video to the end and did not subscribe…

Let me tell you why:
The first part of the video you where actually just telling us what DT told us… kinda copy paste there? No news media gets credit for this kind of journalism…
Since that threw me off i never got around to hearing about the forum updates, wich is really what i wanted to hear about. Even though i follow the forums, the presentation through video would be a great way for many to catch up i think.
SO, what would make me subscribe and watch? more forum/playerbased focus and less already released development content :slight_smile:

But all in all i think your idea with this concept is really great and i hope you link to future videos.
May the winds guide you.

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