Tents for Starting Town

After reading a great thread by @DontCallMeSurly about the start of a town, I decided try a map where I build tents for the very beginning. Some people seemed interested so I thought I would share what I came up with. Most have two versions, though they look the same in the blueprints. One is open in the front and back while the other has a back ‘wall’. Each tent only uses one material to make it easier to build in the beginning (white tents are wood, grey and red are clay and blue uses stone). If there are any variations you would like, let me know and I might try to make one!

Sorry I forgot to mention, hearthlings that sleep in the tents don’t get the “slept outside” moodlet. Depending on where the bed is placed, some hearthlings with have the spacious buff (especially in the open ended tents), some will feel cramped (especially in the closed back tents). If you don’t want your hearthlings sleeping in the tents, they could also be useful for having over stock piles.

You can find them all Here!

The blueprints don’t include beds, they are just there for size comparison.


but it needs doors to your people.

I don’t think your hearthlings consider them to be liveable places this way. I don’t know how the code works but I can imagine they atleast need to be inside a closed off area, may need a door and may need a floor/foundation.

Although they look great, I don’t think they improve the mood of your hearthlings.

But since this is mainly for the early game the tents are still a visualy appealing place to let your hearthlings sleep

@remliv and @jarnovk From my understanding, they don’t consider themselves outside as long as they have blocks over their heads. So with the tent that is open on both sides, not only does my hearthlings did not get the ‘slept outside’ moodlet, they also get the spacious boost. My hearthlings were quite happy sleeping there!


Just to be sure,

You’re using slabs for these right?

My only concern is the fact slabs don’t cut away like roofs do so you can’t see inside easily.

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So sorry for the slow reply! You’re correct, those are slabs. Currently they slabs don’t cut away so it can be very tricky to see in unless you get the camera quite close.

No problem,

I’ve actually be using 3 stairs (cutout version) on either side. If you drop the building view all the way to flat the center staircase on either side visually collapse to see the interior.

Thanks for the reply!

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One thing I have been thinking about is that the tents help extensively at first but personally I got to reliant on them so I had like 7 tents which I think is excessive.

I think from now on I’m going to immediately spam my first four tents to cover my starting hearthlings and push building semi permenant structures after that.

Realistically despite the fact I play with a 50 cap 20 hearthlings is a full town so by the time you got 14 you should be at village grade and not camping anymore.

But this is more just a musing critique of myself and what I think could be seen as the dangers of using tents too much. I have a habit of not pushing into the mid game building like I should, I’ll have 20 hearthlings in a cave before I start building houses.


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