Easy everyday items

i think the game should include a couple of everyday items that would give a lot of real “feel” to the cities.

a small list:

  • a stone/bricks well (craftable from the mason/potter)
    that can be placed around town, could be used for future “water update” as a source of water

  • a stone/bricks hearth (craftable from mason/potter)
    cmon, in a game called stonehearth there is no fancy stone hearth for the houses? :wink:
    i know it’s possible to build them using individual blocks, but most of the time the dimensions are totally inappropriate for the earthling.

  • tents (craftable from hides/cloth by the weaver)
    comes in 3 size: small, medium and large.
    they should be something like a single piece building (just like any other placeable object, just bigger) makes it fast to place. Good for early settlements or to give a good nomadic feel to your desert city.

-premade winding staircase (stone/wood)
while they can be created using the slab function in a 4x4 grid, it is incredibly time consuming to do so. moreover once you make a “custom building(starcaise)” you can’t put it easily in the building. Just remember that all medieval winding staircase were created clockwise.

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I love the idea of the tends. But when you need a Weaver for that it’s a little bit difficult for early Settlements. Most of them doesn’t promote a Hearthling to weaver in so a premature state.

Otherwise good ideas. Hopefully in future Alphas they integrate Weather so the auto fill concept can work better.

I’m happy that you like the tent idea. my reya settlements have this ugly digging hole nearby to gather stone and clay to build structure out of.
IMHO reyyas and northmens should have that “nomadic feel” to their cities (reyyas for trading, northmens for hunting/war)
Right now you can start with the weaver’s spindle from the embark screen, but most people don’t because it’s an easy craftable recipe from the carpenter menu and you still need to cut some trees/excavate everything to make 50% of the other items.
Given that in the desert there are a lot of plants that gives fiber i think that the tent could be easily made in the early game, if someone starts with the weaver.
with the craftable tent, a reyya’s player could be able to create a nomadic outpost using a farmer, a weaver and a couple trappers/shepards, without scarring the environment.

Of course, as the game progresses the enemy attack will become more fierce, somehow forcing the player to defensive measures or more soldiers, maybe even relocating to more defensible place.

I have a couple of “tent” blueprints made mostly from wood, which work a great early-game houses and can be made from only a couple of trees each (including the furniture for them).

I love the idea of tents as a bed item, though. You would place it as a piece of furniture rather than a building, so it doesn’t give as many benefits as a full house would; but it would have the happiness effect of a comfy bed and would be better than sleeping out in the open.

I really, really REALLY want fireplaces, hearths and fire pits which can be placed in buildings to give them a cozier feel. I’m amazed we haven’t seen more mods to add these items in; although there are a few absolutely gorgeous fireplaces and hearths scattered through various furniture and decoration mods; not to mention Frostfeast.

As for wells, I’d rather first see natural springs be scattered around the map. Then, it could be set up so that upon discovering a spring you can dig into it to create a pond, or else have the hearthlings “harvest” it to build a well on top. They would need X amount of stone (or clay bricks) and wood for the task, and the well would then be rather like a workbench.

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The Stonehearth Café mod adds wells and a thirst system.

Lke @YetiChow, I made a couple of tent blueprints that completely work in the base game. Of course, Hearthlings consider them cramped.

I’ll admit I’d love to see fireplaces.