Temporary Housing

From what I’ve seen of Stonehearth so far, houses are relatively quick to make. However on starting the game, building enough houses for all your settlers before they grow tired may be difficult, especially when there are other jobs that need doing simultaneously. Therefore I suggest allowing the creation of temporary housing, such as tents.

While they provide little bonus to characters, they can be constructed very quickly and provide somewhere for your settlers to rest while permanent houses are being built. They may be little more than a sheet tied between tree trunks to provide a canopy, under which sleeping bags are left.

Whether the material needed to create tents has to be gathered or is given to settlers on start-up is debatable, though I think the latter would be acceptable and more likely in a real-life situation.

I think temporary housing would open up the game to more roleplay - it would not be essential to advance in the game but would be more realistic, as well as giving a larger variety to structures available.

~Crazy Manchego


This is a pretty good solution to sleeping needs prior to having all the materials for houses.

@SteveAdamo am I right in thinking you can build tents in Timber and Stone? Or have I made that up?

Temporary structures especially for housing does seem great, perhaps if things like rain affected gameplay then it would also be in your interest to correctly store certain materials? Although I’m not sure if that’s delving slightly too deep into the world of micromanaging.

Things like tents and that would also be good if you sent some guys out to prospect/scout, would save having to build a permanent outpost.

I haven’t played Timber and Stone myself, but the wiki doesn’t seem to indicate the existence of tents. They may not require them though - can houses be built faster/cheaper or is sleep maybe not as necessary as in Stonehearth? They may have an alternative solution…

I might be thinking of Gnomoria then … never mind!

Judging from [urlhttp://stonehearth.net/2013/07/30/desktop-tuesday-more-on-sleep-implementation-now-with-beds/] this Desktop Tuesday [/url] I would say that sleep is important, perhaps you don’t even need a structure before you have a bed … but then that would look a bit silly just having beds outside! Perhaps they will simply have temporary bedding rather than temporary structures?

In Gnomoria one of the first areas you need is a dormitory, a comunity sleeping area, with some staw beds on the floor to prevent the gnomes falling asleep somewhere else on the ground :wink:

This seems like a pretty reasonable idea to me I especially like the idea of a sheet tied up between some trees to sleep under, with the dual purpose of keeping supplies dry. The only addition to it I can suggest would be the ability to fashion a rudimentary fence for some additional safety.

no sir… no tents, but there are bedrolls… :smiley:

similar to what is planned for SH, in T&S, a unit has improved sleep/rest depending on the type of sleeping material used… in T&S, it starts with a bedroll, and progresses to beds…

while in SH, our units will have the option of literally just plopping down on the ground (worst), all the way up to tier 4 bedding (best)…


It would be cool if as a option to start out we could buy tents, that would basically be beds. They could look something like the goblins village tents. That way we could start out our little tribe in a few shared tents and expand from there. It also gives us more starter options of stuff to buy, and allows us to setup “waypoints” so our villagers can rest on longer resource collection journeys.

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I think that an easy solution to early housing is a simple “lean to” made of wood (sticks really). Cheap and fast.

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