Tanrion's Stuff - New mod coming soon - Axes preview

Hey, guys.
I’ve created this topic to show to new project
I’ll try to have updates quick as possible. Unfortunatly I don’t have much time, but I’ll update.

I’m trying to create a new class job. I’m kinda new at this, but I’ll try to do.

Firstly, the Armor’s job:

The Eyes is just a cosmetic. But I’ll try to change the eyes to make them glow and add tattoos to the game.

(Edit: Honestly I hated that helm ‘-’)


Looks really good.

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I’ve created some icons for the class.


I just can choose one. But I really want your help to choose :laughing:

The ideia is to choose a “LEGENDARY”

  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow

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Well. I’m working a type of “Legendary” class.
The spoilers I can give is:

  • Thunder
  • Single one
  • Quest to unlock
  • AXES, AXES AND AXES (Maybe hammers too)

Remembering that I can change some stuff and not add other.

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Hey there.

Firstly I’ll wait more votes to choose the Icon. Probably I’ll change the icon and make it look more “Pixel” (changing that lightning in the axe).

Secondly I’ll change the armor, and the reason is cuz my real concept insn’t like… that. I think the design won’t match well with the first idea.

Now the main thread of this reply is some axes preview. I’ve created 6 axes. I don’t tested it in the game, so… I can change they in the future.




Nice axes you got there. The first one reminds me the Leviathan Axe in the God of War. :smiley:

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Wauw!!! those axes are super nice! i really love axes irl and these would defently be some i would add to my wishinglist :heartpulse: :merry:

I hope you get them ingame, then you have my sub at least!

Swing swing chop chop gob gob :sunny:

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im liking the blade design you did on the double header, gives me the propper bearded axe feel. also i feel that one also has the best haft-to-head-ratio of the bunch :slight_smile:
at least if you look at it with a realism-eye. these are really, really big axes though for stonehearth-scale, the size of a man at least :open_mouth: (unless you scale them down ofc.)

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:thinking: U’re right. Omg, I didn’t see :sweat_smile:
For 2 handed weapons they aren’t too big, but for 1 handed they are.
Well… I’ll scale them down. But to scale them, probably I’ll need to thicken the haft (maybe? :thinking:)

Or my class I’ll be badass and use 2-handed like 1-handed :joy::joy::joy:

nah the haft is thick already, lenght may be an issue dependign on if they need to be two or one handed weapons, but you may bee to experiment a bit.