Take more than 3 materials?

Hello guys.
So, I noticed that heartlings take just 3 materials at once… and this, honestly, piss me off a little, because i’m that kind of player that “ask” for my workers to mine somethings or cut trees or harvest some stuff all the time and my map keep a lot of materials that I need.
For an exemple, I love to create a blacksmith and he/she take a lot of time because he/she go far away to take one material that is “in the other world side”, because my workers take a lot of time to take a huge amount of material.

There is a mod or way to make them take, idk, maybe 10 materials at once?
Thanks =)

You might want to check out this thread. It’s got a discussion going on just that sort of thing.

Also, I do believe they carry 4 items at once.


You can always move large crates/urns around for bulk transport.