Hearthlings pick up multiple items but don't store them all in stockpile

sometimes my hearthlings pick up more than one item (around 3-4) and then walk to the stockpile with "empty hands"
there they store the first item they picked up, move to the next free stockpile slot and the second picked up item appears in their hands
but instead of placing that item in the slot they carry it to a new item that they try to pick up too but they already got one in their hands (all of a sudden they can’t pick up multiple items anymore)
now they walk back to the stockpile, store the item they carry and the next item appears in their hands (because they picked up multiple items) and the problem repeats until they stored all the items they picked up before they walked to the stockpile the first time

alpha 0.10.0 (alpha_10_5 10) x64 via Steam

ok I moitored this behavior some time now and it gets really annoying when they spend days walking around with full hands just because they didn’t store the item correctly

it also happens that they just drop the item in their hands when they try to pick up another item… leaving two items on the field that have to be collected by some other heartling because the initial carrier doesn’t feel responsible for the mess he just created :confused:

my trapper walked from the mining area to her trapping field half across the map after looting a lot of ores and just continued maintaining her traps without ever storing the collected ores picking up a lot more food in the process

I actually found out why they start to collect multiple items at once: when you mark them to be looted… otherwise they just pick up one item and carry that item in their hands like always


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Thanks for reporting this behavior. I think I saw it too, one hearthling went carrying something and started chopping a tree. When finished chopping, the item reappeared on his hands and he continued doing other things. But I don’t remember if it was on alpha 10.5 or in Alpha 11 :disappointed_relieved:

Right now, in latest Alpha 11 they actually carry things in their backpack, not only when looting, but there might still be some wrong behavior when moving the items.


thanks for the heads up Relyss… just checked how to switch to alpha 11 (since steam has alpha 10 by default)

let’s see whats new :smiley:

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