Un-Balanced or ment to be?

When you use the new “Loot” button on the Hearthling’s normal resources (ie: Wood, Silkweed), they prioritize it to the top of their to-do list and rush out to grab it (thanks for that :slight_smile: ), but! they pick up up to 5 items at a time and normally they only pick up one at a time.

Do they have an emergency backpack?


Could it be that they have a Backpack for Looting? O.o

Yes, I think they do. Otherwise, every time you sacked an enemy camp, you would have workmen running back and forth for ages to loot its stockpile etc. I assume taking 5 things at once was a way to moderate that, and it’s likely just a bug that you can use it on stuff that WASN’T originally someone elses :smile:

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Shhhhh…Hush, best way to get the food (berries) together for early game!