Tailor cant work

while playing i noticed that the tailor now seems to be unable to work because of a piece of thread bugged high above the tailors workshop.


the item and workshop are highlighted in yellow.


ahhh thx for the pic - which build and which system (x86/x64) - thx

Latest build (205) 64 bit win7. Also cant move the workshop because of the thread and it seems they cant reach it because its so high

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for devs and later - he means build 2143 xD

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sorry :p, wern’t sure what build we are on atm, so got it from game :stuck_out_tongue:

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you see the buildnumber at the titlescreen left bottom :wink:

“Show Patch Notes”
“Stonehearth 0.1.0 (Release 205)”

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ahhh ok the last stable build ^^ intressting with this i havent such bugs ^^ if you want you can try the new build - right click in steam at stoneheart - settings - beta - lastest build - its for x64 but had some issues with AMD cards ^^

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Ive played a few maps on this version but never seen this bug, and have no idea what caused it. i started a new map because of the save not working anymore /nerdrage

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I’ve had this happen under the following circumstances:

  • A game is saved while a crafter has some, but not all, of the components of a recipe on the workbench
  • The game is continued
  • The crafter behaves as if the components don’t exist; if there are insufficient components available to complete the current recipe, the crafter blocks
  • The workbench is moved and the stuck components reappear far up in the air above the new location