Switch up [ and ] keys for browsing through vertical terrain layers?

Being familiar with Dwarf Fortress and some (other?) roguelikes, I keep wanting to go to a lower level using the ] key and a higher level using the [ key, rather than the other way around as it is now implemented. It seems like a good idea to me to stick to this convention (unless this is building on some other convention that I am unaware of) and switch around the keys for it for this game. (Now, in Dwarf Fortress and most (other?) roguelikes I know, it’s actually < and >, but that’s close enough I’d say.)

i am all for letting the player remap controls, and I was going to merge this with the other “can we remap keys” thread… however, it appears that thread is a figment of my imagination… :smile:


Ah! I admit I only looked through the threads for this specific mapping, but I should indeed have checked for more general such threads. Good thing it didn’t exist, or I would have missed something by being so lax. Now if I just keep my mouth shut…


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The reason it’s < and > in DF is that < means less than and > means greater than. If you’re using square brackets, I think the current way makes more sense [ for down and ] for up (both because [ is to the left of ] and also because if you imaging them as flanking something [ X ] it makes more sense that [ is smaller/lower and ] is higher/larger). If anything, I think DF has it the wrong way around :smile:

But yes, this could be solved easily enough by allowing key re-mapping, which will presumably eventually be a thing.


Ah, is that the reason? To me it just seemed like, I don’t know, to the right seemed more like “in” as in “into the screen”, although I realize that’s silly because it’s perpendicular either way. But anyway, it’s not just Dwarf Fortress but also roguelikes generally that do it that way, so I figure for convention’s sake at least it might be nice to switch it up. But yes, key remapping I guess would suffice as well :slight_smile: