QoL: Slice Elevation Change Keybindings

This is a small/“simple” Quality of Life request: Add keybindings for the elevation up/down arrows in the Terrain Slice Vision.

In general, not having to move focus from whatever you’re doing to alter the view is handy - much like the benefit of keybinding the slice, xray, and building vision toggles themselves. In particular, working with dug-out chambers on multiple levels, it would make it easier to maintain position between the two (say for lining up a mining hole or have an intersection in the right place) by being able to keep the cursor somewhere relevant. Even if the “multiple levels” are right above/below each other, it can be a surprising hassle to keep having to go over there an click the arrows to change views if you work with it long enough.

I realize there might be useability downsides from this - changing the slice elevation always seems to lead to a brief hitch, and with a keybinding that’d be more noticeable (from the delayed cursor response) and easier to chain into one big hitch. And you might have some reason to want the cursor to be occupied when doing that transition (how you handle the cursor interacting with whatever it might newly be over, or elevation changes while in mid-placement, etc). Just because it /sounds/ simple doesn’t mean it /is/ simple :wink: Plus, “more keybinds” is often seen as undesirable (more daunting to new users, less console-portable, etc).

I know I’m more keyboard-biased than most in terms of preferences, so I have no idea how broadly appealing this would be. But it’s something I’ve repeatedly wished were present in my time with the game so far, so it seemed worth mentioning at least :slight_smile:

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I’d support keybindings, and also being able to manually type in the elevation

Agree. It’s a hassle to click your way through multilayered mines and underground complexes.

unless i misunderstood what you meant (which is entirely possible) the slice up/down already has keyboard shortcuts, the [ and ] keys go up and down, along with the \ key toggling slice mode on/off

but again, i may have totally misread your post…


!!! You read my post just fine :wink: Thank you! Those keys do what I was asking for :slight_smile:

They’re not called out in tooltips when you mouseover the arrows, as most keybindings are (though the arrows don’t appear to have any tooltips, which could be the reason). I’d typically look at a keybinding config dialog or file to find out what was available (which is comical-but-useful in some games, where they have un-reconfigurable keybindings just to communicate the features). I see now it is listed on the wiki - I thought I’d checked that, but apparently not ><

Thanks again :slight_smile: . Um, any particular way for me to flag this as ‘done/completed’, and/or switched to recommending those arrows get tooltips mentioning the keybinding?

i can mark the thread as such for you :slight_smile:

might just be easier to make a new suggestions thread for that… then again i’m only running on 5 hours of sleep, so the easier way might not actually be the correct way to do things… :laughing:

[quote=“8BitCrab, post:6, topic:23102”]

i can mark the thread as such for you :slight_smile:
[/quote]Please do (looks like you have already - cheers). Will see if I write up something about tooltips later.

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Ok, I added tooltips for raising and lowering the slice elevation.


I thought for sure they would be bound to page up and page down, I should have checked if it was something odd like brackets :confused:

PgUp/PgDown was my guess too. Though I see the logic of their choice - a “pair” of keys adjacent to the related mode toggle (a trio I sometimes use for ‘scroll up/down through items, and use item’). Now that I know its there, it’s working nicely and I appreciate the key proximity. But it was not my blind guess.

Woot :slight_smile:

Page Up / Page Down can be in odd locations on laptop keyboards, so we chose to keep it clustered with ‘’ as you noted.

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laptop manufacturers are silly :disappointed:

Oh yes, they are indeed. Im not really sure if I even have page up/down on my laptop. At least I haven’t found them.