Toggle state items and slice suggestions

Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to StoneHearth and only have about 30 hours into the game at this point. I used to be a Dwarf Fortress adherent and what I’ve seen so far of StoneHearth definitely has me interested. I’ve been thinking of a few suggestions that may or may not have already been talked about but I didn’t find anything like them in the Suggestions topics.

Toggle State items: These are items that have multiple action states. Things like drawbridges that can be toggled either up or down, lights that could be toggled on/off which would be great for mine areas, or floodgates that could be opened or closed to irrigate a farm field. I think these could add a nice dynamic to the game and maybe open up some new strategic elements as well for defending against invaders.

My slice suggestion is more of a hotkey/macro thing. I’ve experimented with mining deeper into the ground but the Slice UI is a little slow and not very easy to use if you are trying to switch back and forth between slices. Would it be possible to set up something to allow different Slice levels to be given a hotkey so that you could quickly tab between something like the bottom of your mine and the top of it? This is more of an ease of use kind of thing but I think it might make mining vertically into the ground more appealing than it currently is.

Anyway, I have other notes at home for other things but for now this is all I could remember.


Welcome to the Stonehearth Discourse! :slight_smile:

You can currently use the “]” and “[” keys to move up and down, respectively, five “meters” in slice mode (which can be turned on/off by “”).

I don’t know if there is an existing proposal to instantly move to a given height, though. That’s a good suggestion.

FYI, the reason I said “meters” is that the game itself is rather inconsistent with measurements (“m”, which I assume means “meters” for depth, but " ’ ", which in the US, usually refers to “feet”, for horizontal measurements).


it would be nice if we could actually type in the height we wanted to slice to in the box where it shows what height your currently at