[Res] R-345: When in Slice vision mode, aboveground events are visible

My town is currently split into two levels. Level “One” is on a hill, where my farmers and trapper work. Level “Zero” is where my buildings, firepit, etc. are. Additionally, my stockpiles are on Level Zero, but are underground. When using the slice tool, ground level of Level Zero is 54m, and the ground level of Level One is 64m. (On a totally unrelated note, why are they in meters, when the distance markers show the foot symbol? Anyways…) When I am using Slice mode to look at my underground part of Level Zero, events that occur on Level One, such as tilling dirt and placing traps, are clearly visible.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use Slice mode to view something underground.
  2. Directly above what you’re doing, create a farm or trapping zone.

Expected Results:
Since there is solid ground (6 “cubes” of it) between what I’m viewing and what’s happening, I expect not to see what happens.

Actual Results:
Any time there is a change in what happens above ground, I can see it below ground.

Notes: All of the following things are visible:

  1. Farms being tilled
  2. Traps being placed
  3. Wood logs being created (by chopping down a tree)
  4. Others (I can’t remember offhand).
    Also note that this only happens when the item changes. If I quickly go up a level and back down (or exit and re-enter slice mode), the view is correct.

Picture 1: Level Zero

Picture 2: Level One

Note that there are farms on Level One that don’t appear - those were tilled earlier, before the last time I changed the height of the slice mode.

Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth r-345 (64-bit) with Zulser mod (Release 3-a), though I have encountered this error previously without the mod.


Excellent report @Xynariz! Indeed, the visibility was not updating for newly created entities. Fixed for the next patch!