Depth Favourites!

So since you can build in depth and x-ray is not always the best option to get a good view on your underground city, I think it would be useful to add some quality of life to the slice function. The ability to define depth favourites. So for example:

  • You have a city build within the mountain
  • Your work stations are at 34m and your market place is at 49m
  • Now this requires alot of clicking between the slices when you want to get a good view on the 34m or 49m slice
  • With my suggested feature, you can define 34m and 49m as favourite depths. These favourites are shown in an extra window right next to the depth you are currently
  • With a simple click, you can now directly go to 34m or 49m without clicking through all the slices in between
  • edit: to make things even better, you can name these favourites, so that you always know what you can see at the defined depth

I think this is especially needed when you introduce the dwarf class that builds inside mountains (at least I think this will be like that) and also for bigger cities.


That’s the idea. Tedious jumping between layers is one of the things that draw me away from Dwarf Fortress. Hopefully we can avoid this in Stonehearth.

I like the way gnomoria does this… Like bookmarking camera perspective, position and slice level :slight_smile:

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Or at least, hold a key and scroll the mouse wheel.

Might also be nice to have a ‘slice at what my mouse is resting on’ button - like Qubicle has.

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Are there any new plans for this kind of feature? :slight_smile:

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