Slice View: Changing height in 1-meter steps?

When using the hotkeys or the clickable arrows in slice view, the cutting-height changes in steps of 5 meters.

Is it possible do 1-meter steps? This would be useful e.g. for digging more detailed shapes such as stairs in hillsides.

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you mean like mining in 1 X1 squares rather then 4X4 Squares?

I mean controlling the height by which the slice view changes.

Currently clicking one of the arrows changes the viewed level by 5m, but controll to within 1m would be useful.

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well the way it cuts the view you would still be able to see stairs inside a mountain, ive never found the need for cutting it one at a time.

Did you cut one-block-wide or two-block-wide stairs?

ive done one block stairs,i find they look better then a ladder

Try two-block stairs then :slight_smile:

Being able to change the height in steps of 1m would also help when digging underground (e.g. allowing to dig upwards), but judging from your feedback it is not currently possible.

no theres no way to have 1 block slices atm, at least not that im aware of:sweat:

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I would also like to do this, since sometimes i need to place stuff under slabs that i placed “floating” by mistake, and i cant look under them since i can slice the view to just 1 m less, hope this gets implemented unless that im missing a way easier way of doing it.