Need Help With Mining

Okay so I’m trying to mine a huge circle inside a mountainside for the central area of my base, but it needs to be six blocks high.

Im finding it a huge hassle trying to make is six blocks high as I have to zoom into the mountain, look up and then delete the last two blocks bit-by-bit. Also when I try to raise up the terrain slice vision it always goes up in increments of five blocks; is there a way to set it to like increments of one block or something?

This isn’t a HUGE problem but it’s so annoying and it wastes so much of my time.

So you are removing the 2 extra layers from the roof? Why not remove the extra two layers from the floor?
Sorry, I don’t think there is anything the can be done with the terrain slice. Maybe the other view type (x-ray?) might be more useful when working underground


That creates a flooding hazard if your Hearthlings get too sad :forlorn: :wink:

6 blocks high?

Advice for building in mountains, Always go 8 (i prefer 9 for view) or more, to leave room for the hearths to move around placing the 6th block. also you want to start from the top part and dig down. do the top portain first to get ur design down, then finish the bottom part