Mining Up a Level

Has anyone figured out an effective way to move up one slice level in a preexisting mine?

I’d be interested in hearing what others have done to work up wards inside a mountain?

i tend to glitch the camera into the mountain while having slice on the floor i want to move up to. i’ve done this many times even if it was frustrating to figure out how to get the camera to work just right for me.

I haven’t figured out a way, but anytime I’m going to mine in a mountain I build ladders to the highest point, use the 4x4 tool in a spot, wait for my miners to get trapped, and have another hearthling remove the ladders while the trapped miners dig a tunnel straight down to the bottom. Once they’ve reached the bottom they dig out to the spot I want the entrance and then I put a ladder on each side of the square vertical tunnel inside. Don’t take it all the way to the top, I always stop it a 2-3 blocks from the top edge, to avoid monster spawns climbing down. Then I’m free to core out the mountain with minimal issues.

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Yeah, that is how I do it currently. But it is such a pain to get the right position to get the right blocks marked and then have the 'lings refuse to mine them out.

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We really want to fix this. It’s probably going to be a while. Apologies.


Maybe just need a 5 high Stair tool like we have the 4x4x4 Mining Tunnel tool.

Or do you think the Hearthlings refusal to mine might have something to do with their “building” protocols?

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I would really love a mining stair tool! :slight_smile: Please, @sdee, is that possible?

I could see it done by incorporating the workers’ build actions into mining… so if there’s a spot they can’t reach, they build scaffolding to get there. Maybe permanent scaffolding? I dunno, it’s a good question.

One way to solve the visibility problem is by making an additional field that allows you to change the “slice” number of units. So you would have something next to the slice that has an up- and down-arrow and the number 5, and it changes between 5, 10, and 20. That way, you could actually see where you were cutting into the mine, or you could shrink down the scale of the slice back to its original “5” value.

Maybe it’s too simplistic, I dunno. One other way of course is, when a mined-out portion exists that is two “levels” high, workers build a sort of horizontal scaffolding to allow them to leave a floor which they can stand on to mine. Or, users have a spelunking kit when entering a mine, and they can go up or down the walls as needed to mine. That last one might be too complicated.

I’d love to see some fleshed-out design concepts on the subject, that’s for sure.

If you don’t mind using the console, insta-mine (im) a colum of 5 blocks in the upper lvl. It needs to be all 5 blocks (lower block is the floor and the other 4 are the lvl itself). Then place a ladder to reach the new level and that is it. The Hearlings need a place to stand to mine and with the hole and the ladder you just gave that to them. From there just mine as usual.

Have fun, Kyth.