Help to queue alternative items please

Hi I have been hoping not to post this as I know it will look totally stupid but I cannot cycle through to queue up the alternative items (the ones with an artist’s palette in the corner). For example rugs that can be blue, red or yellow. My scroll wheel doesn’t change anything and I have tried other keys too. Please would someone tell me how to do this. What am I missing? Thank you.

I think it´s the = key or one around it

Hi nightlancer Thank you for your suggestion. I tried = and other keys as well but nothing works.

Check the lostems mod for the key or change it
On an azerty it is the = sign

Hi Thank you for your help. I didn’t realise it was a mod. I have unsubscribed from lostems and frustration all gone. Thanks again for taking the time.

The mod does say somewhere what the hotkey is, but it’s easy to miss. The default on QWERTY keyboard is the forward-slash “/” but it’s possible to change it to anything you like using the keybindings menu.

LostEms does add a lot of cool items, and is the first mod to really take heavy advantage of “alternate item styles” for decorations, but it seems that a LOT of players get so frustrated with not being able to find the keybind that they uninstall the mod… it’s a shame, because they’re missing out on all kinds of useful items that fit the vanilla game or fill in obvious “missing” items.

EDIT: my memory was off about which key it was, I went 1 to the left… fixed it to prevent confusion.

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I think the problem here is that he is trying to pick the item at the recipe menu, to craft it. It is not possible, you first craft the generic version, then only when you are going to place it, you pick which color you want.


OK, the mod author here. First, as I mention it in the Steam Workshop description, the keybinding in SH is inconsistent. I use Polish QWERTY layout and my default key is forward slash (/). IIRC Icelandic layout has something else right to the dot (.) and that key is assigned by default. I don’t really know about AZERTY layouts but it is more than probable that the key is completely different, so to be sure just visit the hotkey menu and look for Cycle Variant hotkey.

The system is made in a way that the variant is applied when an item is placed and it is fully intentional so there aren’t tons of recipes just to add visual variants of the same item. It’s an on purpose anti-Minecraft setup because I hate entity spamming Minecraft has just to add different colours of the same thing. You craft a generic option and choose variants during item placement. The decision is last minute, not while crafting so you don’t have to worry about it ahead of time (my personal preference for cosmetic stuff which doesn’t affect the gameplay, also allows skipping the unnecessarily complicated systems to create the variants like Minecraft dyes, yuk!). I know this system may get confusing but it’s already vastly improved compared to previous versions. I tried adding the current hotkey to be displayed in the tooltip but there are some Javascript deferred object shenanigans I failed to get through. If I ever manage to do it I’ll make the tooltip more informative.


Thank you all for your replies. BrunoSupremo you were right, I was trying to select the colour/design in the crafting menu rather than at the point of placement. The hot key for my querty keyboard is the forward slash “/”.