[dev-2603] Backspace in game

Not sure if this is intended but if you hit backspace during the game it backs out to the Main Menu? I think I hit it twice so maybe it went to the in-game menu then the main menu but yeah…

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@yshan is backspace a hotkey to return to main menu? :neutral_face:

Uh-oh. It’s not supposed to be … :frowning:
I will look into this. Thanks!

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I blame @yshan :stuck_out_tongue: [insert characters here to make more than 20]

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Hi @Nolic0321
I was unable to get this to happen. So you were in the game with hearthlings running around, press the backspace key twice, and then the game goes to the main menu with the “continue” and “new game” buttons?

@Relyss There currently shouldn’t be a hotkey bound to returning to main menu …


i have pushed all keys on my german keyboard (also backspace) and no its not happen for me ^^ but i have seen that the esc-key still doesnt work for the save/load menu ^^

@yshan I just confirmed the bug. The sound is still playing as if I’m in game but the screen is the main menu. I only had to puch the backspace key once but after a second or so it did a slow fade to the radiant screen and proceeded to main menu

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Oh interesting, so it’s like the UI changed to be the main menu, but the game in the background is still going?


Yeah, it’s very odd. I’m emailing the save file attn: Yang. Just in case it’s something being done by our computers.

perhaps we should ask from which countries you are? perhaps it has something with different keyboardstyles todo?

ahh ok USA and Canada … hmmm there it should be normal ^^

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I’m also using Win10, if that might affect it.

System spec also: Alienware M14X
Intell Core i7 @ 2.4GHz
Win10 home premium

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The backspace key you’re referring to is the key next to the equals “=” key, right? The one that erases?
And that key isn’t bound to anything else on your computer, right?
This is a strange one.


Yup, the regular backspace key. I haven’t changed any of the original windows key bindings or adjusted anything on the input settings

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I can reproduce this. It’s as if chromium is allowing me to navigate the different “web pages” that make up the UI.

I loaded a save…

  1. Backspace = removed the UI
  2. Backspace again = back to main menu
  3. F5 = Back to the game (refresh)

Shift+Backspace also goes forward in the UI as described here:

Edit: Actually backspace once goes back to the main menu. It just takes a second to run the intro animation. 64 bit, Windows 8, full screen or windowed.

Edit: Ok, sometimes I have to push backspace twice…


perhaps its a linking from chome? @Boulderboy @Nolic0321 and @jonzoid have you installed chrome?

Yup, I’m using chrome. A temp fix might be to turn that feature off in the chrome settings. Not sure why it is reading it in game though

Edit: Chrome won’t let me alter the keyboard shortcuts :\

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Yes I have Chrome installed, but I don’t think that should be related? Worth testing I guess. Stonehearth uses Chromium to display their UI, so it makes some sense that normal Chromium hotkeys would affect it. If they are using hashes or anything like that to display the various UI layers it could have something to do with it.

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i think its because its build on chrome ^^ thats explain why i havent get it - i havent chrome ^^ but i think @yshan should have installed it … so no idea why she doesnt get it ^^

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Omg okay I totally got this to happen just now.

Need to start on the title screen, load into an existing game, press backspace twice once in the game, will get home screen to show up. Okay got it. Thanks everyone! I will get this fixed (or at least bug the right people to get this fixed)


Wow that screencap did not work.

See here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Edit: Too late! Thanks, @yshan.

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