[REQUEST] Be asked when you want to exit

Well, the request is that simple, just a little window that asks you if you really want to leave the game when you click the “exit” button, and also an exit to the main menu button, for the future.
Just that, thanks!


Hello friend =^.^=
I know many people want the return and use of a back to main menu button. I am wondering why you would like to be asked before you leave the game? I’m no knocking it, just wondering the reason behind it

Probably because if you accidentally click it before saving, it closes stonehearth right away with no option. Perhaps it could instead ask if you want to save and exit or just exit.


This has been adressed before, the exit to menu, and there were technical problems making that work as far as I can recall.

well for exit to the main menu/title screen i found a way to do it,

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Hello there!
Well, the awnser is simple, sometimes if you pause or maybe by a random set of actions, it happends that if you press it, it closes the game right away, so it makes me want to kill someone when the game gets closed without saving, that’s why i would like to be asked about it.

ahh makes sense :smiley: I havnt had that happened to me for this game yet, but I know ive done that loads of times with other games so I know the feeling.

another thing they potentially could do would be to have the game auto-save upon exit, this could be toggle-able for those who dont want the game to save upon exiting.

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