[Con] Quit to main menu button does not seem to work

Okay, this time I know I’m in the correct forum with a bug report. The menu button “Quit to Main Menu” does not work for me. Clicking it does nothing. I can exit the game in full, but not quit to the main menu. That is all! :slight_smile:


you’re on a rampage! :smile:

can you think of anything specific you might have done prior to trying the exit button? does it happen when you start a new game? a loaded game? both?


i tried and it also did not let me exit after i saved

Ah, yes – I actually thought it might have something to do with saving, since I did save first before noticing it the first time. So before making this post, I tried starting a new game and immediately quitting to main menu, but that still did not work. So I don’t think it’s related to saving or loading at all. Forgot to mention that.

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no problem, but thanks for testing out that theory… :smiley:

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Yer it doesn’t work for me either, not sure if the button is just placeholder at the moment, or if it’s actually supposed to work :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely Right …

Yeah, think it must be just a placeholder - never worked for me either. Not a big deal ATM, because Stonehearth loads really quickly, but that may change as the game grows.

Never had the button work for me in R114 or R118. Not sure about before then.

Didn’t work in R110 either, nor I think in at least one release prior. I think it just hasn’t been implemented yet.

Its never worked for me. Thought it was just a placeholder til they get it to work.

Exactly my thought as well.

Didn’t find a post similar that was acknowledged or confirmed so kinda dragged this one from its last post position on the 28th seeing as it matched the closest search for it. Sorry.

I also have problem with this

So is it supposed to work? It doesn’t work for me. doesn’t do anything. I have to restart the game to get to main menu.

It’s never worked, in point of fact :slight_smile: .