[Suggestion] Revert to using 1-2-3 for speeds

Because the ~ key is not at the same place on every keyboard configuration, while numbers are usually close to each other.


im glad im not the only one who would like to see it reverted to the “old” hotkeys.


I have a french canadian keyboard config, but my hardware has english keys printed. I had to guess where my ~ key was and it’s close to the Enter key. Not very intuitive for a speed/pause button.

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well that would definitely be a pain. even thought the, ` ,key is right beside the 1 and 2 on my keyboard, i have the old version memorized so i always press 1 to pause the game.

edit: also, welcome to the discourse :smile:

For me it’s the # key.

Thanks :smile:

i doubt they’ll revert but i’m sure eventually we’ll get keybinding


Hi all,
Apologies for those who’re having trouble with the new speed hotkeys. I unfortunately did not think about foreign keyboards when I made the change.
I changed it to `, 1, 2 because some Sims fans asked about it (I might be biased in this regard :stuck_out_tongue: ). I don’t know if there can be a default configuration that pleases everyone. Custom keybindings are probably the way to go, although that’s a larger feature. I can probably add a custom user setting for just the speed keys if that will help for now.
Again, sorry about the inconvenience.


that would be amazing, and i would love you guys (and gals) even more. if thats even humanly possible at this point

[quote=“yshan, post:7, topic:14300”]
Again, sorry about the inconvenience.
[/quote]well the game is still in alpha, so we shouldnt get to mad, cause things are bound to change.

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