Alpha 21 arrives on Steam latest(unstable)!

Yay! Hello to traits and lots of other stuff! So much in this one.

Thanks Team Radiant! This is wonderful. :jubilant:


holy hell yesss!! this update is great! I look forward to seeing what more you can do with the improvements you’ve made already! the traits/personality system is interesting. the loadout system is far more flexible than the travelers shop. And the performance improvements are a welcome! thanks!!!

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Sooooooooooo far the new version is awesome and I am only at the map selection :smiley:

Okay I have found something that bugs me, I can not use the keypad anymore … if someone finds out how to change key bindings, let me know.


what do you mean you can’t use the keypad? your keyboard?

@groms, that’s not good! @Carl_Quinn did some work in this Alpha to make hotkeys configurable, perhaps something went wonky with the update for you.

Can you take a peak in your stonehearth.json file (same location as your user_settings.json) and let me know if you see some lines that look like this:

"bindings": {
      "citizen:manager": {
         "combo1": "c", 
         "combo2": ""
      "vision:xray:toggle": {
         "combo1": "x", 
         "combo2": ""
      "vision:slice:toggle": {
         "combo1": "\\", 
         "combo2": ""

Edit: Wait a second - you’re only on map selection? What hotkeys do you use on the map?

Nope, I was in the game, sorry for confusing you :slight_smile:
And yes I see that:

almost all secondary bindings are unused.

It is possible that the bindings are acting weird. I’ve found some actions that are not binding correctly.
Now that we have this possibility, there’s the distinction between numbers and keypad numbers, so you might want to add the keypad numbers as second combination for the actions that you’re using.

To do so:

  1. Go to your user_settings.json file (please don’t modify the stonehearth.json file).
  2. Add this at the same level than “user_id”:
        "user_bindings": {
            	"action_copied_from_stonehearth.json": {
            		"combo1": "1", 
            		"combo2": "kp_1"
  1. Edit the combinations. I’ve put the example for keypad number 1, so this action can be run either by pressing 1 or keypad 1.

Also check if your num_lock is active or not, as that changes the behavior of those keys!


I know I know :smile:
Thanks you two.

I love the new pathfinding. It seems to make my game run very smoothly.

And the starting method of choosing hearthlings is GREAT! :merry: The ability to re-roll each individual hearthling and choose a look for it is wondrous.


Homework why are you doing this to me :forlorn:

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As soon as I have some free time, I’m looking forward to departing with an all-cultists build.


Hearthlings Spawn with lower health and hearthlings join your town with lower health also.
Looks like the hearthlings get hurt when starting a new game and slowly regenerate it to full

A couple of things

  1. It seems the frequency of music playing is much lower now. In a new game I didn’t have a music track come one for a minute or two it seemed…

  2. Moving and existing item into a built structure is still getting the bug where it simply adds that item to the blueprint of the building. So if I build a house, and the building plan has been fully completed, then try to move an existing, deployed crate into it using the relocate button a lot of the time it adds a crate ghost to the blueprint, and Hearthlings await for a crate to be in storage to use it in the building… very annoying, and I’m not sure if it always happens or only part time or what.

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CULTIST!!! I love it!!! Praise Bunny!!

Another minor issue I’ve encountered -

When the Cleric is standing there doing bulk healing and his posse tries to walk off on patrol, then come running back to him when they hit a certain distance, then start walking off again. Repeat.