Alpha 22 arrives on steam latest!

As always, please give us any and all feedback you may have on our forums at or on Steam. Let’s have a conversation about Conversations.

Thank you once again to all of you that help us test and improve our game! We appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Mod Edit:

Important Note: Stonehearth uses a common .dll (sfml-system-2.dll) to help manage audio. It seems that this file is sometimes triggering a false positive with Symantec antivirus programs. Stonehearth does NOT contain any malware, and you may have to create an exception for this file in order to run the game. Please let us know if you encounter this issue.


Nice to see the official post! But I think we already may have beat ya :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Since you asked, the free Avast was complaining about that file.


@sdee FYI re: Avast and sfml

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Hmmm, mine(avast) does not have any problems.

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Weird. Well, mine’s working fine now, so now I am watching some of the convos. (Only problem is they have so much to talk about and no opinions. My favourite one so far is two people crying about how much they hate the vegetable soup. I think the cook might be insulted by that XD.)


is it just me or did something change when dragging out slab it just stretches out weird and stuff for me while designing now. Pretty sure it did not do this before when trying to drag a straight line but i could be wrong.

Like this screenshot starting where the arrow is wanting to drag it 1x5 but game goes to 5x5 even tho i drag it in a straight line there

Stable 707 | no problems


I can’t do my builds anymore! I have to stop and pay attention in all conversations that I see! :smile:


Yeah, first I thought it was only the mining tool but it is every tool :frowning:


Thanks for finding this! I’ve submitted a fix so it should be working properly next time the build is updated.


the hearthlings seem more interested in having conversations about stuff at the moment, than actually getting stuff done…constructing buildings and gathering loot took long enough time before, now it is just anoying.
So i dont get that loving feeling towards my hearthlings, just the oposite… maybe i will build them a jail to rot up in… was that the point?

It might sound a bit harsh, but its just me being honest :content:


animation blending

I remember a time when Tom seemed opposed to adding blending, but I suppose it makes sense to add now that the game’s getting so full of animations and they finally had an engineer to spare. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the feedback! We’re still tuning the way the hearthlings determine when to start a conversation. We want the hearthlings to have the opportunity to talk to each other about things they’ve done or interacted with recently, but we don’t want the conversations to happen so often that it starts to disrupt too much of the game.


We sped up building this patch by increasing the speed that scaffolding raises and lowers, with the hope that would potentially cover for any differences in build time between the two releases. That said, how frequently the hearthlings talk is still under watch for tuning, so please keep giving us feedback if you think the hearthlings are talking too much or too little.


As a player, I’d would prefer that Hearthlings chat when idle/relaxing, and say, “Oh hey, hold that thought.” when a player’s new order interrupts them. Interrupting a Hearthling’s resting time has its own consequences, so interrupting a conversation because a new task comes in doesn’t feel much different to me.


hello there :slight_smile:
somehow my stonehearth game (on steam) doesn’t update. And it should automatically update the game.
Any Solutions ?
My Antivirus programm does’nt detect any problems.

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Did you make sure you’re in the latest branch?

If you are not in the latest/unstable branch you will not have the game updated (it’s a buggy and unstable build and thy assume you don’t want to opt in by default)

You can opt in by changing the branch in steam from stable to latest (or whatever it’s called) in the game’s settings in your library
(Right click on the game in the library and select options or settings and you’ll find yhe beta thing, you can switch from no beta to latest)

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i think i wait for the stable release :slight_smile:


I would like to see some of these:

  • Hearthlings talk/think when they sit/relax near the fire pit.Some time just show their thoughts when they are working or walking. I would like to see some thoughts even when they are sleeping (like they are dreaming).
  • I want to see hearthling close their eyes when they are sleeping because right now, when i zoom it their eyes still wide open and it is really creepy.
  • The square of thoughts are may be about things they feel or they want (dark cloud for sad, food for hungry, medic for needed healing, bed for sleepy…) so we can know and manage/direct them better because right now i see it kinds of showing random stuffs, not useful for player.
  • Sad hearthlings may refuse to work, or just stand and cry so players must do something to cheer them up. That would be the point of emotion right? As i see now, sad or happy hearthlings both work like normal hearthlings. It does not affect the gameplay, it is just for fun.
  • Same as for traits, i would like to see it affects hearthling and gameplay too. Each hearthling can have different personality, like smurf. Some are always angry, some are lazy, some just want to eat. It would be great and the town will be much lively.
    I know it’s too much to ask but i hope devs at least consider because right now i don’t see the traits, dialogs affect the gameplay much. And sorry for my bad english :merry:

Like this idea[quote=“SHfan, post:18, topic:30578”]

  • The square of thoughts are may be about things they feel or they want (dark cloud for sad, food for hungry, medic for needed healing, bed for sleepy…) so we can know and manage/direct them better because right now i see it kinds of showing random stuffs, not useful for player.

this goes to the point about hearth, and traits will tie to these most likely

actually they work slower, and happy hearth work a lil fast

this is getting done :stuck_out_tongue: